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Ez-builder Microcontroller And Blue Tooth

Assistance Requested

Help Ellis with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

Ellis claims to have checked these sources:

@Ellis, as long as you understand that the ezb will have nothing to do with the Bluetooth speakers... The Bluetooth speakers are basically wireless PC speakers that you will be locating on your robot with the ezb... All sound commands will be sent as you would normally to your PC speakers... But since you have your Bluetooth speakers on your bot, that's where the sound will come out...




as long as you understand that the ezb will have nothing to do with the Bluetooth speakers...

Hey dude. I don't quite get what you mean by that. I know you know about the mod, but using the breakout mod and essentially hard wiring (not using the speakers Bluetooth connection) from the EZ-B to the Bluetooth speaker with headphone socket, your essentially extending or replacing the EZ-B speaker, so not quite understanding what you mean by the EZ-B will have nothing to do with the Bluetooth speakers, because with the mod, it kinda does. *confused*


@Steve, yes I am aware of the speaker break out mod... You essentially attach an external amplified speaker in place of the little ezb speaker... Don't need Bluetooth for that... I got the impression, however that Ellis wanted to use an onboard Bluetooth speaker instead of cutting apart his ezb.... I was merely stating that the Bluetooth will be separate from the ezb, that's all...


Cool, got it now. Thanks for explaining, I see what you mean now Smile. I think he wants the set up I have in K-9 where all the EZ-B sounds, speech ect are played through the BT speaker for better quality sound, and use the actual BT connection to connect his phone for alerts ect, so it all comes from one speaker.


Yes Rich you are right. I am mostly bypassing the ezb with the bluetooth speaker. However by doing this I am now universally able to add any other items on my robot that can now use the Bluetooth speaker on my robot. Such as the new echo from Amazon. It will allow me to ask the robot for information. The echo will contact Amazon supercomputer on their system and verbally answer the question. I will also be able to carry on a conversation with my robot by using sites on the Internet. The robot will act like it has artificial intetelligence. All I need to do is find a way to get all the different voices to become the same voice to make it real. The possibilities are only limited to what is available on the Internet.


Hmmm echo from amazon? Is it like Pandorabot?


Richard R, check it out HERE


Any ideas on how to make everything one voice would be awesome.


I've got a feeling you can only use the installed voice that comes with it, but I could be wrong. If your using the EZ-B as the main hub for voice synthesis it will use the voice/ voices installed in your PC that basically use text to speech. The Echo seems to have its own on-board voice. The only way I can think of is to find a voice that sounds similar. Looks like a pretty cool peace of kit though. Just wondering if there's a catch, such as paying a subscription to use some of its online services.


Bearing in mind, with a little work the EZ-B can do a lot of the things the Echo can do.

Set alarms

Set reminders

Tell you the weather or news using RSS feeds

Play music

Have a conversation using Pandorabots chatbot software

Tell random jokes.

And can probably do more that I havn't discovered yet.

All using speech recognition and speech synthesis. My robot does all this using the EZ-B and uses the same voice for all its responses. Smile