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Ez-builder Microcontroller And Blue Tooth

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Hi everyone. This may sound like a silly question but Is there a way to Bluetooth connect to ez-b v4? I am using Bluetooth for several of my items on my robot such as a Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth is connected to my computer now. This gives it a different range than my wireless local network. If it would Bluetooth I could also feed my iPhone through the robot. I also have a ez-b v3 that I could hook up for that function but i would prefer to trade that one in. Any ideas?

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Nope... the ezb4 is only capable of connecting via wifi. It was designed to exclusively use wifi. There isn't even a way to add a Bluetooth radio. And of course without wifi you would have to use a different camera than the ezb4 camera... Not sure why you would want to... Bluetooth is way slower and notoriously known for connection issues.. Keeping my ezb3 connected to my PC was a chore in itself... So back it went to EZ Robot this morning for my $50 store credit.... Smile


Here's a link to a possible solution:
Bluetooth to WiFi PC Bridge



Does the Bluetooth speaker your using have an AUX headphone socket? If it does, I may have an idea to help you.


Steve, Yes it does have a headphone jack.

Rich, I really am trying to get away from Bluetooth from my computer. The audio of the EZ-B v4 speaker is not the sound of the new Bluetooth speakers available today. I would like all my audio to come through my Bluetooth speaker on my robot. Since it would be easy to loose connection on the Bluetooth due to distance I thought that if I could put the Bluetooth transmit on the robot it would never run out of signal.

It was just a thought.


Great. As you do have a headphone socket, here's a possible solution for you. Smile

What I have done with my set up is to use a breakout mod on the EZ-B which I have linked to here. It's pretty easy to do if you have some basic soldering skills.

I have a male headphone jack coming from the EZ-B and plugged in to the speaker. So all my sound files and speech phrases that use the SayEZB() script command on my EZ builder project, are streamed via its WiFi connection and plays through the speaker.

And here's the best bit. While the EZ-B is permanently plugged in to the speaker, the speaker can also pick up a Bluetooth connection at the same time. I recorded a load of sound files using a music editor, to create custom ringtones, email alerts, reminders, sms message and alarm clock alerts that I transferred to my iPhone. So, for example, now my robot (K-9) tells me when I have a phone call coming in and who is calling, and when I answer the call, it automatically transfers to the phone speaker, unless I select otherwise.

This set up works great and impresses people who see it in action. Well, I hope this solution helps. It sounds like this is what you are after. Smile

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Bluetooth doesn't have the bandwidth to cope with the data transfer of the V4. Even using wifi to bluetooth would cause issues with using the V4.

Wifi is more stable and has better range. Consider changing the bluetooth devices to wifi rather than the wifi to bluetooth.


Hi Rich, I guess I wasn't very good at explaining myself. I actually want everything to go to my robot wifi. I love the sound of the bluetooth speakers. I was wanting to send all my audio to the ez-b and have it bluetooth to the bluetooth speaker. I now realize that this is not possible because the ez-b does not have bluetooth nor does it look like anything can be done to change it. i did however find a device I am still looking into that will connect to my wifi and output to bluetooth. This will give me the distance same as the ez-b. I never wanted the ez-b to be computer controlled by bluetooth but thanks for the help.

Steve, I say your hack of the ez-b to provide sound out from the ez-b. I looked very promissing. I had seen it a while back but didn't want to do anything to my ez-b that could negatively affect it. Great idea. Thanks for the help.



No problem. It is quite simple to do. I managed it and I'm no expert by any means. Tongue I does work really well and sounds great. If you need any pointers, give me a shout. I'm happy to help. Smile