Ez-b V3 Buy Back Program Proposal


It sounds like a great offer. I would be reluctant to part ways with my v3 though, its part of my processor collection.


I have one and would be interested.


Also interested have two v3


@Rich There are a few other guys that still believe the V3 is better than the V4... Jack Philips (No offence Jack, your inMoov is awesome by the way) is another who is building (built) an inMoov. He swears by the ezb3. He said he doesn't want to be tied to his wifi network because he wants to take his inmoov from place to place to demonstrate it... Even though I explained to him he can still do this with the V4 because it has WP mode as well... That still didn't convince him as he is also mentioned he is concerned about the amount of connection issues other people seem to be having with the ezb4... He is convinced the ezb3 is better suited for his inmoov project... For the life of me I can't figure out why.... The ezb4 was purposely made for major servo based robots... As you mentioned, it blows away the ezb in ALL categories....

@Jack, I think when (if you do) upgrade to the ezb4, it will be one of those situations where you kick yourself for not doing it sooner.... Smile


I suppose that a final update that is EZB V3 specific will turn off the check for updates feature. If he doesn't update then he will still have all the functionality he enjoys today.


That's a fantastic offer DJ , No kidding. I imagine in the long run this means less work for you, trying to keep up with two different versions.

I imagine most people would take advantage of this offer quickly. I had to check to make sure it wasn't a "prank" day like April fools! I am definitely in and Congratulations on your success!


I already sold one and traded the other of my V3's, but I would have taken you up on this offer. I think it is a great idea and a really generous way of dealing with the difficulties of maintaining support in the code base for the older design.



The only advantage can see the V3 having is a lower overhead profile. It can fit into lower clearance areas. However it is a lot longer.

I'd be interested in the buy back program.

We had a buy back program here in the usa called Cash for Clunkers. The idea was for the Government to give you money towards a newer car and get the old gas guzzling ones off the road. It did what it set out to do.

Thing is that you can always keep your v3. No one is saying that you need to send it in. If the program is offered the people who want to do it can take advantage. It's a win - win.


@Dave... so true, but you (the individual, not you personally) better keep old copies of ez builder as soon (and I mentioned this before) new versions of ez builder will no longer support the V3... For most of us when they invented air travel it was time to get off the train and take the airplane.... Smile


Hey I am very very very slow at getting things done at the robot bench. About a week or so ago I finally got my 2 year old V3 to run my robot arm properly. In other words I just got familiar with the V3. But I also received my Revolution JD first part of this month and had him dancing after 3 or 4 days. The big thing for me is Wifi. but I also find other aspects of the V4 much easier to deal with.
Your idea of a trade in is just fantastic. I will send my V3 in as soon as you go ahead with the project.