Ez-b V3 Buy Back Program Proposal


That means if you can read this thread on ez-robot's forum, then the offer is still valid.

There's many thousand EZ-B v3's out there... And as you have seen with our software, attempting to maintain v3 support is causing the occasional bug (and you know my OCD dislikes bugs!). We had a thought, and it would be great to hear your feedback on the question...

We would like to purchase all EZ-B v3's back for $50 EZ-Credit.

What do you think of that? Considering we sold them for $69, that's a pretty good deal for a 3 year old PCB!

We have many amazing new features that we wish to add to EZ-Builder, but we are limited due to backward compatibility of the EZ-B v3. We surely do not have the developer resources to maintain a separate codebase for the v3 either. The new features that we would like to add are EZ-B v4 specific.

When shipping your EZ-B v3's back to us, mark the box and the commercial invoice as a Warranty Replacement. Declare the value at $5 for the entire package (even if it contains more than 1 x EZ-B v3.)

Ship to:
Customer Service
EZ-Robot Inc.
Unit 10 - 6120 11st se
Calgary, Alberta

Include your:
- Full name
- Username
- Address
- and of course the ezb v3


I think that a great idea, especially for EZ Bucks and environmentally friendly. what's the address Grin


Its a great idea
even better if us hard cores could buy them from you Grin

I want as many as I can get
I have big plans for them Tongue


Wow! That quite frankly is a generous offer.
I'm interested.


I am all for it... I have 1 to sell back to you guys.... good idea


That's a very good deal!

@Wolfie, I'm not sure I agree there. The V3 is obsolete and will not be supported, the updates to EZ-Builder will not work with the V3 and therefore you will wind up stuck with whatever the last EZ-Builder with V3 support lets you do.

Cloud apps will not work with it. Support will not be as available in the forums (if at all) for the V3, controls, scripts etc.

Surely it's better to trade in the V3 and get a newer, better, more stable EZ-B with many more features for $49 (or less if you take advantage of the offers EZ-Robot have) or have $50 towards some of the awesome Revolution robots or clip & play parts than to be lumbered with a board that wont be supported.


Yep, time to move on.... DJ.... Bring on the new features... Smile


That is a good idea. I have two. That would enable me to get another EZ-B V4 to use.


@Rich im ok with what ever the last one is that supports v3 as I run more than 1 EZ_Builder at a time "old and new"

In many ways I LOVE v3 way more than v4

I have 2 v3s and 1 v4 the v3 gets used a lot more than the v4

In time as I can afford to I will buy as many v3s as I can

What I think EZ-Robot should do is buy back the v3s for a price that they can resell them for 50-60 to ppl that want them and allways keep a copy of the last EZ-Builder that will support then some where on the site.

Every time a new copy comes out I download it and the android one and save them with the release date as the name ..... many I have missed when I was offline for a few months


The V4 can do everything the V3 can do and more.

The real differences are;
Bluetooth vs WiFi
5V Regulated (5A Max) vs Unregulated Vcc

Neither of which really go in the V3's favour.

Using a V3 is like putting a Pinto engine in a monster truck. By all means stick with the V3 if you believe it's better however it would be interesting knowing what makes older technology better than newer technology when the newer technology can do everything the older can do...

You also lost me with running more than 1 EZ-Builder at a time. How does this give older technology the features of new? If anything it's less efficient and requires more resources.