Xlr-rov-r1 Mobil Research Droid Or Mrd-1


The ROV-R is getting ready for it's first prototype build! The main parts are completed and ready for print. I have been very anxious for this design for awhile and finally found some time to finish the stl's for print. I will be posting the updates and build videos as they come.
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I have seen several track drive systems on Thingaverse and they are all ok but I would like to see Anthony make a track drive system like the Short Circuit (Number 5) which I know it would be better. You could keep the original bases of the ROV or Mini and add female slots under it. On the track system the slots would be male and you have this track system as an add on. The tracks could be 12" high and 18-20 long which would give it an all terrain look and function. I would also like to know what are the dimensions of the ROV and a gripper that can hold a beer.


Is it done yet.


Still wanting this with track drive.