Full House At Ez-robot Headquarters Today 1/9/2015


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Looks like the whole team is together!


lol most of us yeah Smile We had a little chat about 2015 Smile It's nice to know when ppl are watching!


I saw this and thought, oh no, not a Friday afternoon company meeting. Those dont normally go well. I hope it is all big plans and great things ahead.


I've been out of town since a week before Christmas - this was the first opportunity for the team (who's here) to discuss things. It's good Smile


A really look forward to 2015 to see what goodies yourself and the guys come up with.

Btw, hope you had a nice vacation DJ. Smile


lol, i wish it was a vacation Smile I took some time away from the office to write the new Mobile App, new Tutorial Section and all of the new EZ-Builder updates. But thank you!


I think they were watching DJ on the Daily Planet TV show.


Oh, I don't know if anyone has watched that yet... Have you seen it? It was on yesterday and today. You can get it on their website if you watch Daily Planet - it's near the end


I watched it today. Interesting thoughts.


Which one was today? Was it the battle field stuff about war? or about robots?