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I have decided to put my small laptop i am using aboard my bot to cut down on any chance of a D/C issue. Is there anyway to hard-wire the two so there is no chance of D/C? And when I say hard-wire i mean simple plug and play solution ( i am not talking tearing stuff apart...and going all nuts on my poor lappy)

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Nope... Wifi is the only method (currently) to connect to the ezb4... On a EZB3 however, you can pull the Bluetooth radio and add a wired serial type connection to your PC...


Thanks as always Richard Smile

The D/C's should be pretty minimal with a direct wifi setting (no networks,routers...ect) connection between ez and lappy at that distance in your opinion ?


Not sure... I have a good router so I have no issues with connection or distance... I have a solid wifi connection whether I am connected to the ezb in wp or client mode... With your laptop on board and the ezb in wp mode you should not have to worry about disconnects due to distance at all....


If I remember right there was a serial til to USB adapter that could be used. Then on the drop down box choose the com 3 ( or whichever it created) and you could have a wired ttl.


but that is not the case with the Ver 4 ez b right ?


Yes, EZB3 can be hard wired, but the ezb4 is wifi only.....