Windows 10 Will Be A Free Upgrade For Win8/8.1 Users


Just thought I would post this just in case some were not aware that Win 10 will be out soon and will be a free upgrade to 8 and 8.1 users... SmileWindows 10 to be a free upgrade for some


Great. I hope it is better than 8 or 8.1. I am always trying to turn it back to look like 7.

Will EZ-B be able to work with the new 10 software without a new release?


LOL... There is a new release of ez builder pretty much every other day (ok, a little exaggeration).... Smile I am sure DJ (being a developer and being who he is) has probably already been on top of it for a while now... Grin


Oh yea! Good, no more start screen!


free my favourite price Grin


I heard this a while back. It surprised me as much as them missing out windows 9 did... Grin


Its not a surprise, MS made some big changes to the GUI, without really paying attention to the customer, like Steve Jobs and his Cut & Paste Screw-up in IOS.. so now we get an apology free upgrade to something we want... Winky


I have been running Windows 10 since its pre-release and all is good so far. Even decided to install VB6 (I know VB6 is long gone...) and see if it still worked. For the most part, it did but noticed some GUI issues.


Where can I upgrade to Windows 10?