Irobot 530 Quick Advice


Hi guys.

I am currently looking at a Roomba IRobot 530 on a popular auction site I want to get. I don't wish to appear rude but I need some quick advice before I place a bid, as the clock is ticking. *eek*

Does the 530 have a comms port to connect the EZ-B4?

Is the 530 compatible with the EZ-B4?

I've never had a robot vac so it's all new to me. I know DJ does reference the iRobot but there's no mention on models.

Cheers. Smile

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The 500 model Roombas all have the 7-pin mini din connector and the Open Interface for receiving commands from the EZB(4). You may have issues with sending commands using D0 since the 500 MCU seems to me less able to respond to the 3.3 volt levels from the EZB(4).


It has a 7pin plug under the front face disk cover... You will have to make a connector (I and Robot Doc too have made a few)... I think they are similar to a PS2 mini din connector... Anyway, if you have some basic soldering skills you can make a serial connector to work with the ezb 4....

*edit* I actually have a Roomba 530 and although Doc says he has had issues controlling the 500 series, I so far have not... However, I use the UART port... Not sure how much difference it makes because the serial voltage is still 3.3v... Still I have no trouble driving the 530 around....


Brilliant, thanks guys, and thanks for the rapid response. Minutes to go. Placing bid now. Let you know how I get on.


Well, what can I say. It was meant to be. You guys replied in excellent time with what I was hoping to hear, and I won the auction Grin. I got it (used but nearly new) for £105 with docking charge station and one invisible wall sensor.

All I need now is to save up some more beer tokens and get myself another EZ-B v4. I just found DJ's tutorial using a PS2 joystick connector. I already have an idea for another robot project and have an old car vacuum shell which will make a great body that I started tinkering with about a year ago.

Thanks again Doc and Richard. No doubt I will be tapping in your shoulder's soon for some advice Tongue.

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Congrats... let us know when you get it.... Smile


Will do. Winky


Richard R, when using the UART(0) port I also have no issues with sending commands but there is no support for using the Roomba pre-built EZB overlays that all use D0 by default. I'm not sure when DJ will get the time to change the Do port to using any or all of the UART ports.


@Doc so true.... I usually don't use the prebuild Roomba control... I usually write my own custom Movement Panel using UART send commands... DJ had mentioned a few months back new examples are in the works for the Roomba (I imagine it has something to do with using the UART port)....


@Rickard R, that would be nice. Like you I could then consider taking advantage of the two way conversation possibility.