Sopo Ezb Powered Robot


Just saw the news article on the new Sopo Robot that is powered by ez robot... Congrats DJ and ez robot!... I assume this is the first of many for you guys.... I even went to their weside and in their download section is ez builder program files....
Sopo robot

Sopo website


Who's gonna be first and preorder ?


I'm with Richard and second the congrats. You guys must be pleased with that Smile. Gotta love the disco ball. Pretty cool. Party on dudes. *cool*

They have done the EZ-B v4 proud.


They did all the work Smile Here's the robot link!


@DJ... Hmmmm, I think we have a new idea... An ez robot fridge (full of beer of course).... Everyone needs an ez robot powered appliance, c'mon... Grin

This is big, though.... I knew you guys were leasing the technology out... This is the first I have seen of a 3rd party using ez robot tech to front their product... You have opened the door for small upstarts to start businesses (where they couldn't before due to technology hurdles) using your EZ Robot platform....


they chould give this robot to anthony.he will look and work alot better.hehe


@Nomad.... Look better, yes... But even Anthony would be the first to admit that he doesn't like the programming aspect of Robotics. His skills lie in 3d design and printing. I absolutely mean no offence to Anthony, because Anthony does alright with ez builder... But these guys have a pretty good grasp of ez builder and programming....

I'll say this, maybe Anthony should design for them and they do the programming.... That would be a good match of skills in my opinion.... Smile



i think so to.


Pretty impressive. I momentarily choked on the price until I realized that is really just 2 Rolis, and 1/3 the price Sony used to charge for the fun, but useless Aibo.



I would like to maybe see better servos in the head (pan and tilt) as it seems a bit floppy... I actually do like the overall design... However, I would still like to see Sopo with a little better of a finished look...