Extended Camera Cable


Is there an extended camera cable? I am working on a project and I need a longer cable, I checked the store but the cable there is the same as the one that came with my development kit. I would need a cable twice as long at a minimum.

Also, once I am done with my robot where on your site can I display it?




EZ Robot had them (60cm version) in there store for a few weeks before Christmas , then they removed them for some reason..... I manage to buy a few before they took them out of the store...


Lets hope they bring them back, I can extended the cable but rather not mess with it. Yes, am been lazy Smile


I've got EZB camera ribbon extender cables that are 29 inches long with a connector on one end that can then be wired to your own connector or I have them with a 6 inch length of wire.

They will be on my website soon.
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These cables can also extend the length of the 4XXX, 4XX, and Create(1) drive motor connections.



I may have a couple of solutions to extend your camera cable. I just found this online and ordered some myself. It's a JST header socket which goes in between your existing camera ribbon cable, and a replacement cable you can get from the shop. The one I've linked to has a 2mm pitch (meaning the gap between each pin is 2mm) which should fit nicely between the two cables. A nice "lazy" way of doing it Winky.

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Another way is to do it yourself like I did. I made some pins using some steel wire. Using a pair of pliers, I pushed the wire in to the camera plug, then fitted a replacement camera ribbon I got from EZ Robot which made a nice tight fit. Trim off any excess wire and wrap the join with electrical tape for extra support. This worked really well for me.

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To answer your other question, to display your robot project, simply do the same as what you did to create this thread.

Click "Start new discussion".

Then select "Project Showcase" and any other tags (optional) you feel are relevant to your project.

Write a title for the project thread. (I should mention the title of your project cannot be changed once you have posted the thread).

From "Thread type" select "Conversational".

Then create your new showcase with information, pictures and videos of you robot for all to see.

Hope this helps. Smile


One more non-solder solution to joining two or more camera ribbon cables together is to obtain some 40 pin headers, cut them into 6 pin components and plug the connectors into them.

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I was just ordering a extended camera cable then saw the thread above. Where does the extended camera ship from and how long would it take to Quincy, IL?

Also is this the right place for customer questions such as this or is there an email address?


@Ellis it ships from china like all the other products in the store... Have you not ordered before from ez robot? Anyway, actually shipping takes a few days via DHL but processing your order will probably take a few more...


I was not aware of that. Yes I have ordered several items in the past and I thought they came from Canada.

Rich thanks for the info. So I can expect two weeks delivery?