Ez-builder Ios, Android & Windows Phone. Coming Soon


I'd like to get you very excited for the upcoming release of the new ez-robot mobile app. Completely rewritten to work on all three of the worlds most popular mobile platforms... iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

We are currently beta testing the last build before they are published to their respective AppStores.

Here's some teasers from my iPhone 5...

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Hey, where are all you IOS groupies.... ? You guys should be drooling over this LOL... This is big news.... Grin


Here's one Richard Tongue. And yes I am really looking forward to the iOS app release. (Pass me a tissue. I've dribbled on to my keyboard lol). From DJ's screen grabs, it's looking pretty sweet. Great job DJ. I know you put a lot of work in to this Grin


Awesome news! I've been patiently waiting for this to happen. DJ, thanks for all the time you put into this. I tell everyone that sees my Roli and the other projects on the go how crazy EZ-Robot has taken off since you started it. Now I'll be able to be mobile with Roli. Thank you so much. Grin


is it only iphone5 ?


@nomad.... Read DJ's first sentence above.... IOS, Android and Windows mobile phones/platforms.... There is already an Android app available now... been available for at least a year now.


This is great news!

Just checking, but I'm assuming the App will be for all iOS device formats, like iPad and not just the iPhone?


Absolutely awesome. It really looking forward to its release. I have all kinds of iPhones and iPads available to use with EZ-Builder. This is really really good news.

Thanks DJ

Grin Grin Grin Grin

How long will it be for Apple to add it to their apps.



It should be available in a few days time, but Apple is not the easiest of companies to work with. I know DJ had some issues dealing with them trying to get the app in their app store. Shouldn't be long now. Smile



i mean for ios users.i have ios 4 S