Holiday Video U Command Wall-e And Sled Buildup


Could you explain in more detail, how you handled the drive wheels?


@Wayne, Josh just replace the drive mechanism with 2 servos that drive the treads directly... pretty straight forward... There is a youtube video (and probably on here too) showing how DJ built wall-e using the same servo method and an ezb...


@Richard R It may be pretty straightforward to you, but it is not that way for me. I have watched DJ's video several times. The question that I am asking is not answered from within his video. There is no video of him cutting out the slots/holes to mount the servos, there is no video of him attaching the servos to the wheel hubs. IF you are able to provide that info for me then awesome.

I am working on mine right now. The particular "step" that I am on is mounting and cutting the plastic out to mount the servos.


@Wayne a precise step by step tutorial would be next to impossible... Modifying wall-e is more a less a custom project... You kind of have to take it apart, look at the pieces... measure... where the servos will go, how the tracks and wheel hubs will fit... Then figure out where to cut, how much to cut, where to drill, how to mount and what to glue... I am willing to bet everyone who has tackled this project have all done it a slightly different way...

Sorry, wish I could make it easier for you....


I can post some pics of the way I mounted the servo. I cut away the original axle, then superglued the 4 way servo horn into the drive hub. I pre-drilled holes into the drive hub with a bit one size smaller than the screws that came with my servos. Then I screwed in 4 servo mounting screws into each hub to hold them securely.

At time mark 2:15 you can see how I mounted the drive to the servos

The brains were a EZB V4

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Here are the scenes for my video, this is pre-editing , individual scenes. No sound effects or background music are in yet.

First scene, Wall-E brings in EZ-Robot gifts

Second Scene, Wall-E pushes gifts under the tree

Third Scene, Wall-E Checks his list twice, Oh NO! we are missing the Ez Robot SIx!

Fourth Scene, Wall-E peels out quickly with trail of " back to the future" style flames ( pre edit, this will be sped up)

Fifth Scene, Walle arrives home with the missing package

Sixth scene, Wall-E brings in Six from the cold

Seventh Scene , Wall-E puts Six under the tree

The End , Hey Wall_E is anyone going to beat your video? LOL


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Screen shots from the peel out with flames special effect , just in case you cannot watch the videos.

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I'm jealous of your EZ-Robot wrapping paper. Smile


Cool. Are you going to make the dead line? I bet there are a few people hoping you'll miss it. This looks like a Lucas production! Sweet! Now I'm glad I didn't waist my time entering. You would have blown my doors off. *eek*


Finished, 54 seconds of Holiday Wall-E fun for all ages