My Ez Robot Christmas Wish List


I would like an ezb with more digital ports.... That's about it Smile

DJ and ez robot have brought us the best robot controller in the world so my wish list is rather short.... Smile

What's on your ez robot wish list?


one rolli
one six
extra servo's&controllers
more brain
10x ax-12A
10x ax-18A
more bits (#8) in store
as you can read i dont need much.hahahaha


A customizable Ez-b with options like
Bluetooth or wifi,
And so-on.

More ports will definitely be of need for some people.


A gyro of some kind so shogun can actually walk Grin

i have no problems with the number of servo ports since I am part of the glorious Dynamixel master race Tongue



For the next version of EZ-B, I would like to have the ability to regulate the voltage on the VCC pins. Ideally by individual pin or by row so some work like today and pass the input voltage, and some work like the V3 and pass 5v.

Would also like to make the signal pin deliver either 3.4v or 5v depending on either a hardware or software setting.

I agree with Richard, more ports Smile I added some length and mobility to the arms of my Roli, and a headlight and I have one port left for the laser pointer I want to add, and then I have no ports left (although I could remove speed control from the H-bridge and get two ports back if I really needed to).

I would like to be able to have 2 cameras on one EZ-B (although if/when DJ releases the WiFi camera, that may be a non-issue). This way I could have binocular vision or cameras facing in different directions.

Some of these are repeats from previous posts:

I would like Google Cardboard support (goes along with the binocular vision hardware request above). Also, distance to object calculation using binocular vision/parallax.

I would like support for one of the sensor streamer type apps available for Android like we have for iPhone.

I would like "single variable watcher" objects on the desktop interface the way we can have on the mobile interface (I have just a couple of variables I want to always be able to see on my main screen. Don't have the screen real-estate for a full variable watcher window.

I am sure I have made other requests, some of which have been fulfilled and some are still pending or won't be done, but I need to go concentrate on work for a while.



Hum well just a few things for me I've been relatively good this past year.

10 Servos
2 EZ board
1 3d printer

That is all...


@Alan... I agree with your idea as well... How about this... Lets keep the 24 unregulated digital ports and add maybe 6... 5V regulated ports to be used with sensors?...

@Sudo V2... I am working on an inMoov project of my own (like Bobs) so unfortunately I can't use Dynamixels... The inmoov has at least 12 Hitec HS-805BB giant scale servos that need an external potentiometer mod to work with inMoov's large joints... Each hand uses 6 regular sized servos each... not to mention servos in the eyes, neck and head as well.... 26 or 27 servos in all... I simply ran out of ports on the ezb.... So, like Bob did I will have to use a second ezb....
I am sure I will get on the Dynamixel bandwagon sooner or later so I am sure I will be asking for your help on using them Smile


Is this like a realistic wishlist or a real wishlist?

Bigger capacity battery in JD would be awesome! I get to set up the auto positions but by the time I'm done I can't have him dance with them before he needs a charge.

EZ-Bit adapters on the power base too. I'm playing with a lot of EZ-Bits right now and have no way to attach the EZ-B to the structure. Also an EZ-Bit covered battery compartment would be cool. Like six but square or rectangle.

You say wishlist I say feedback Smile


I didn't list EZ-Bits I would like to see mainly because I just found out I have access to a 3D printer through the Washington DC library system so I will build and share what I need.

If I were to ask, a simple male-male adapter that is smaller than the cube bit would be handy (basically, take the small part from the rotation servo, and put two of them back to back so that you can connect two EZ-Bits with slots together with little or no gap).

And, yeah, @Rich EZ-bit connector points on the power base would be nice.

@Richard R, yes, a small row of regulated ports in addition to the 24 unregulated would work fine for me as well.



i agree,more bits.

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