New Ezb4 Centre Power Pin Changed Diameter?


@DJ... Just received another new EZB4... The centre (positive) pin on the ezb4 base has increased in diameter... My 2.1mm plugs that work on all my other 5 ezb4 won't fit in the power shell now...

Just thought I would let you guys know...


Hi @Richard R,

Thanks for letting us know, another customer mentioned this and we thought it might be an isolated case but unfortunately it looks like our manufacturer may have installed 2.5mm Barrel Jacks in the most recent power bases. Please Contact Us and we'll take of it.


@Jeremie No worries for me... I have an extra base so I'm good. Just thought I would let you guys know....




whats the reason for this,changing the plug?


It is a manufacturing error it seems, we definitely want to stay with a 2.1mm barrel jack



i agree stay original