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Help bongobong with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

bongobong claims to have checked these sources:

Man, this is a great conversation - I'm hijacking it with kudos!

The only bit i can add is - the program that you end up making in ezbuilder for windows will also work on an android mobile device.

This means you dont have to carry a laptop around with you to gigs. Instead you can use your phone or tablet Smile

Looking forward to seeing your ruxpin comedy show!


Amazing Smile
I'll totally keep you informed as I go!

I thought it might work on iOS too, no?


Soon iOS will be ready. Soon.. I've been repeating that because we are under staffed for development Smile but it's coming along!


Smile Awesome!

To be honest, I already carry around my computer, a projector screen, a projector, all sorts of wires etc so it's not a problem carrying laptop etc. However, it would be good to be able to work with the robot while also running a keynote deck on my laptop.

Here's a video of me doing some of my last show (where i replied to scammers)

Anyway MERRY XMAS everyone.

I'm about to make my first order but I wondered whether one kind soul would tell me EXACTLY what to buy. Please be as specific as possible as I am bound to make a mistake and will end up ordering the wrong thing. Ideally, the cheapest way to get this all up and running:

: from my previous post:
Ok. As far as I can tell, to start I need

I need
• EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller
• Heavy Duty Servo (For the arms)
• Humanoid Body (do I need this? seems like a good idea)

But I think I also need.
• Pan and tilt servo for the eyes. (can't find here, Servo city?)
• 2S LiPo 5000mh (can't find here, Servo city?)
• Battery charger.
• Skeleton for the arms.?
• Skull of some sort?
• The guy on here who did it before actually replaced the eyes so they could look left and right I think. I tried finding out what he used but to no avail.

• A servo for the neck side to side
• A servo for the neck look up / look down.


After your EZ Robot order you can always check eBay for batteries and for lots of other bits and pieces you might need to finish your project....

Make a list of what you need and then add more... Don't be afraid to buy extra with your ez robot order... It's cheaper than being short and having to put in another order... Besides, you can always use the extra parts for another future project or to even update the one your working on now...

That "guy" in the link you posted is the owner of EZ Robot, by the way... Smile He posted a link to the teddy build here.... Teddy Ruxpin build


Thanks Richard!

I suppose I'm asking whether I need to buy

• a humanoid body (for the skeleton?)
• a Skull of some sort?
• A servo for the neck side to side
• A servo for the neck look up / look down.

And where I can buy and what you'd recommend for

• Heavy Duty Servo (For the arms)
• Humanoid Body (do I need this? seems like a good idea)
• Pan and tilt servo for the eyes. (can't find here, Servo city?)


I have learned over the past couple of years that you cannot have enough parts for whatever project you start. You ALWAYS need more PARTS. Become a "Hunter", "Gatherer", the process never stops. Smile


I love your show. I love it when people turn the tables on the telemarketers. The last coded email you got back had me laughing so hard my eyes were watering.

As far as parts needed your probably going to have to make some choices on your own depending on your needs. Your doing a custom build here and there are not many people who would know what you exactly need. It's best to take you best educated guess on recommendations and what others have built into their bots that resemble what you want to do. The parts I suggest may be to expensive, cheep, overpowered or under powered for your bot.

With that said Hear's my shopping list:

EZB controller : Buy at EZ Robots Shop -

2 Heavy Duty servo for arms: Buy at EZ Robot's shop -

4 HiTec HS-81 Mirco servo's. One for each eye and one for each ear. Buy from Servo City -

1 pan and tilt unit with servos. To be used for the neck for head up & down and side to side. Buy at The Robot Shop -

As far as the skeleton and skull there have been good suggestions already but you could build your own out of parts from the Actobotics section at Servo City. Very many choices and the parts they sell fit together very easy. Everything is light weight and strong. You could use a combination of channel or tubes, connectors, hubs, beams and bearings. They have lots of pictures of how all this stuff can fit together. Take some time looking it all over then study, plan and design. Buy at Servo City -

User-inserted image

Your going to need connector cables for the servos and maybe jumpers. Buy at Amazon and The Robot Shop -

Have a long read through Rich's Project Hearoid thread. He did a lot of the things you want to do including making the eye blink (I think) -

This should give you a good idea what you need to do. Good luck and let us know how you end up going. Don't forget to mark this thread resolved when you get the answers you need. Smile


Oh wow. This is FANTASTIC info everyone. Thanks so much Dave. I'll be ordering today or tomorrow. Very excited!

And so glad you liked my show Smile


Ordering now. Excited. I'll start another thread to tell you how it's all going on. Unless I should keep it as this one. I just think it wants me to mark it as resolved and it sort of has Smile