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bongobong claims to have checked these sources:

I'll give it a go but here's the issue i'm having at the moment.


I assume you are using sound servo PC for this? Sound servo responds to sound volume... So a constant sound value like a note playing on your keyboard may be why he is holding his mouth in one position instead of moving quickly up and down...


Thanks Rich,
I had assumed that, with the gaps, he would begin to close his mouth and then start to open it again. As in there is 0 sound during the gaps so, theoretically, he should start to move his mouth.

Any ideas about the other issues I'm having


Once I get my V4s I will see if I can be any help to you.
My old V3 may not control the servos the same.


Guys, I'm having an issue. Dumb question. But my servo keeps returning to it's default value. I.e it never stays where it should be. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

for instance:
Servo(d1,0) moves it, but then it moves immediately back.


Hmm. weirdly it's stopped.
But, question; if I've set the upper and lower limits to servo d1 in my servo control (say d1 lower 50, upper 100) and then I add another control to the project; a script; and put, say Servo(d1,60) am I telling it to go 60% of the lower and upper limit I defined or am I telling to go to 60?


The limit only controls movement by that control. A script or different control that moves the servo can exceed that limit.



I'm still getting latency. But I've realised that the latency is from when the mp3 plays not the other way round. So his mouth moves before the sound has played.

Any ideas what I can do to either speed the sound up or delay the servos?

Also, any idea how I play this through speakers when it comes time to do the show?


Gotcha! Thanks Smile


Without re-reading the whole thread. You are using Sound Servo right? DJ said recently he was going to look at the issue with the servo getting ahead of the sound. I have noticed it both on MP3 and on speech, particularly on longer phrases.

for re-directing the sound, there are a few threads about wiring an external amp (or a small external speaker) to the EZ-B.

This is a rather complete one: