@richard R Roomba Max Weight Load?


@Richard R I see you use a room b a in one of you r projects. What's the max payload weight?


@Anthony ... Not quite sure... I have had 6lbs + on my Create, but I was using the 4th wheel on it... I would say maybe 10lbs max?... You should ask @Doc, he is really the Roomba Guru on the forum here....


My robot Captain Ann weighs 13 lbs. Performs well on carpet and hardwood except docking.
Steve S


With the drive wheel lock down and the rear roller installed on the Create you can load up to a MAX weight of 20 pounds. That weight will not work on carpet unless it's the indoor/outdoor non pile type.


@ Robot-Doc and Steve S And Richard R im considering the roomba wheels for the XLR-ONE drive train as an alt to the servos if the idea doesn't pan out. any suggestions? the XLR-ONE will weigh in at about 8-9lbs with everything loaded.
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Those drive motors are designed to run from 12 to 17 vdc. With the load you are anticipating each motor will draw about 1 and 1/2 amps each. Normal run times for the drive motors with that current draw should be limited to no more than 1 hour due to the amount of heat that will be generated.


I took my Roomba apart a few weeks ago to fix it. I as very impressed with the quality of all the parts. The wheel unit is especially well made and strong. There's not too many places that little guy has gotten caught on that the wheels cant pull it out of or over. I also love the modular way each part is built into the Roomba. Kinda reminds me of EZ Bits.


Only one hour of use? Well Anthony, looks like you wont be letting him roll over to Disney World. Winky