Rotate Screen: Ez-builder App Landscape And Portrait Mode


@DJ Sures When designing app skins, to use the app in portrait mode one has to design the app skins in landscape mode and then rotate the screen. That was working fine until you want to use the camera. the camera "Viewer" widget only works in landscape mode. I am using a galaxy s3 as a permanent controller for my XLR-ONE robot. I add an attachment which lets you dock the g3 in the back of the backpack. the g3 goes in portrait mode not landscape. i want the app running (to look cool and be functional) while its in the backpack. Also is there a way to have a video run when directed from a script on the phone/tablet? if the video files are on the device it would only need point to it in the script( i know its harder to than that). Also thanks again for the clear png's they worked perfectly!

P.S. Is it possible to use animated gifs as buttons or just to add some cool effect to the static skins.


You are unable to rotate the screen

You are unable to use animated gifs


@DJ SURES Uhhhggggg ok, i will have to then rotate the screen then when i use the camera. it was worth a shot. Still loving the clear png's. making the skins is a breeze.


good to hear Smile