Since the guys at EZ-Robot have there hands full, why not list the skills we as a community are willing to share to help one another achieve our goals at a quicker pace.

I'll go first. I will offer my Modeling/3d printing services, Skin Design for the Mobil Apps. Example below of the skins that i can design for those with imagination but not the PS skills.

Example of a Wall-e Interface for EZ-Builder App.

User-inserted image

continue the thread with your name and your offered skill set for the community to tap into.


It'll be quicker to list what I don't/can't help with...

Perpetual motion...


@rich we know you know alot about the technical stuff since your job is IT. Im saying to offer 1 or 2 distinct skills that you have mastered to help others with there projects. Everyone one here helps already with the technical we need more guys to contribute to the design and fabrication department. You got the tech part lock stock and barrel.


I know my stuff when it comes to humanoids and DYNAMIXELS, they're my lifeblood Grin


Wifi network and router configuration.



Troubleshooting and parts for the iRobot Roomba, and NeatoRobotics Neato and Botvac.


I bake cookies... other than that, I got nothing..... Tongue


c#.Net / SDK development

@Richard...what kind of cookies are talking about? Did you bring enough to share with everyone? Winky


@Justin... Ok, you got me... I buy them and pass them off as my own... Oh the shame.... Frown


hehehe Busted! Martha Stewart will not be happy!