Ez-builder App: Needs Transparent Image Files Added


@DJ Sures Hi DJ i am asking if you can add the function in the app to allow and display transparent images( .PNG files) When making overlays for image buttons the png files have no transparency properties and whats clear becomes white or black. If you get the time it would be a big help for us " Skin Designers ".


Create the icon/button/overlay over the background and save without transparency similar to how it was done on the older web browsers which displayed PNG transparency as a solid colour (if it even displayed PNG).

Unless the overlay is animated and moves up/down or across the screen (which isn't possible as far as I am aware) the above should be an acceptable workaround.


@rich i know that technique, i want to use a clear dummy image for each button. ex: i create a jpg of the skin. now i apply the clear dummy image buttons over the image of the button on the jpg. eliminates the need to make each custom image to go over the button. also the way you suggested is a pain to line up the image and when the button is pressed the square silhouette is seen and makes it looks crappy.


Lining up a clear dummy image wouldn't be any different.

Use photoshop's slice tool to automatically create the required images for the buttons which eliminates the need to make each custom image to go over the button as they are created for you.

Since only DJ is able to make changes to the mobile app and your post was set for requiring assistance I presumed you needed work arounds for this?


This is something I have been working on, actually. I pushed it into today's release.

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