Ez-r2-d2 3d Printed Full Motion Droid


As i mentioned in another thread i was working on an R2 robot. Here are the early pics of the stl's i'm using and custom fitting my "Disc-Swivel" System in. Head will rotate 270 degrees, rt and lft leg will move just like the movie version. the center foot will be fully movable, body will tilt back and go into classic r2d2 poses for walking and rolling away. Full r2 vocabulary sampled from the movies in 320 quality. will be posting more as soon as i wrap up the XLR-ONE.

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@Anthony... nice, but are you planning on selling this one too? I am sure Disney will take notice for sure.....


Not selling this one.


@Anthony, so what is the overall dimensions of R2?


well done


it will be 18" tall( bottom of foot to tip of dome. Im not selling because im using a few different stl's from thingiverse( due t time available). Im implementing my Servo Disc Technology( oohhh sounds so important) to make the artoo move just like the movie version. lights,sounds, voice activation app control and more.