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Using the record function for puppeteering.


Not sure if it's been fixed but there was a bug with the record function that, if the recording was too big it would break the project.

Is there a camera on board the Omni? Would be good to see a true autonomous find, pick up and move action. It's like watching an 80 year old man driving a Ferrari to the grocery store, you know it could rock but it's being so under used Smile

Also, as a side note, be very aware of the legalities which surround intellectual property rights and copyright law. Chuck Tomy an email and check they are OK with the Omni (they will be if you ask) to save yourself any legal bother.


I personally would not send the company Tomy a message. This is very clearly a custom creation which is only inspired by the OmniBot 2000.

Personally I would simply note this design is inspired by the 80's era Tomy OmniBot when you are ready for production.


Tomy have granted people the right to produce replacement parts (tyres, decals etc.) without any problem in the past and since this looks extremely like the Omnibot 2000 it would be a very short and simple case of intellectual property infringement (it does not have to be the same, or even as close to as this is for it to be an infringement on intellectual property), inspired by or not, that's not a defence which would work if it come to it... unless you live in China, where normal laws don't seem to apply...


I've already brought this up to Anthony several times. He seem unconcerned. I imagine if this cool little robot is just for personal use and enjoyment the Tomy corp. may not get excited about it. However if it's marketed I assume Anthony will be contacted. Little gets by these companies anymore. The internet and today's technology makes it very simple to find cases of copyright infringement.

As a person who has gotten a cease and desist letter from a lawyer of a company who has been out of business I can say it's a little disturbing. The words they use are not very friendly. I was just reproducing some numerals and letters on a stupid sticker that someone could use to cover up a worn spot on a pinball playfield target. I tried to tell them I was not making money off it but was doing it as a service to hobbyist. They didn't care and raised the threat level.

Good luck Anthony and I hope this little bot is a success for you. He's looking good. Smile


Ok im not concerned because TOMY no longer holds licence to OmniBot 2000 or omnibot, and many other robots they used to produce. I contacted about 5 months ago the actual company (K.K. Takara-Tomy) Takara and tomy merged a few years back. The email that was sent to me stated that tomy no longer holds a licence for the Omni line of robots. So I really have no concerns. Im going to be selling the Omnibot kits on my re-booted site as ( Inspired by The Omnibot 2000 Robot of the 80's) . That will go for a few other designs im renewing with modern upgrades. Hint... im also making a 2.5' Artoo Clone!

The good news is my case of PLA finally arrived and production printing has commenced.


Sweet. Well done Anthony. Good luck with the remakes! Awesome idea.


@dave thanks


While Tomy cancelled the trademark for the Omnibot 2000 on 4th November 1992 they didn't withdraw their intellectual property rights.

Licence is not the same as copyright, trademark or intellectual property.

You are free to ignore the advice given however it's a hell of a lot cheaper than any legal issues which may arise from breach of trademark, copyright, intellectual property rights or plagiarism.


@Rich i, selling the kits as i stated above. I have a section on my new site called "Retro-Bots". The titles for all the bots begin with..." Inspired by..." The Omnibot 3000, the R2 Droid, etc.