Heads Up. New Stuff In The Store


Hey guys, new items in the store including an extended camera cable and 5V voltage regulators... Wooo, hooo... Smile

Well, what do you know... They are doing something other than playing pinball Tongue


This is cool, I am always a dollar short and a day late (or early).
It will be on my next order.
I have been waiting for this.



now all they have to add is a gyroscopic sensor and ill be all set Grin


and part #8 would be nice


@nomad... part #8 of what?


thisone,they come in chop in the fall.
the little thats in the chest.where the arm comes on.


Funnily enough, I sent off an email asking about camera and LED extension cables a few weeks ago. Great to see they are available to purchase now Grin, and a couple of extra regulators will come in handy too. Thanks guys. Ordering mine now. Smile


One question before I order, are the cables "male" to "female" connections, I.e, can be used as extensions on existing cables? Looking at the pics they look like "female" to "female" but I can't be sure looking at it on a mobile screen.


The description of the cables says they replace, not extend, the camera cable. So two longer lengths, but can't be chained together apparently.



@Steve... As Alan mentioned, looks like the longer camera cables are indeed replacement, not extension cables... Still 60cm (or 2 feet) has to be plenty long enough for most applications... I bought 5 yesterday... Smile


I thought as much. That's a shame *stress*. Must admit that I didn't read the discription fully as I was busy at the time. The camera ribbon should be long enough for me though. Thanks for confirming Alan & Richard.