Ez Robot Railroad Observation Car




What fun Steve! Reminds me of riding the train across country when I was a kid. I loved the observation car when we could get up there.

You gotta do some more vids from the "upper deck" of your very cool set up. I know it was a ton of work and a labor of love. I really like the big gray haired life like conductor in the blue shirt. He looks very realistic! Maybe you should put a V4 into him to animate him more. Grin

Next time perhaps you can make the grid lines transparent and use the video record function in the camera control.


Josh, sure like the name.
How about RoboSaltwaterAquarium and RoboHomeAutomation!

Dave, that sounds like great memories and a great experience.
I have to refine the power wiring protruding out too far on my observation car, started knocking into scenery on the upper deck, tighter areas with tighter radius track. Thanks for the nice comments. The upper has a homemade simulated steel bridge, built w balsa wood, aluminum plates w tin punch to simulate bolts.
Great idea to utilize the camera controls and change the grid lines. I have not played w any of those features.
I am wondering if record directly, can I upload it to Youtube?
Might have better video instead of recording from the PC screen onto my phone?
I agree, that conductor needs more animation.
Steve S


Fun with a couple of our grandkids (more animated conductors).
They loved the new EZ Robot Observation car, especially through the tunnels and when it caught them.


Ah ha! Look at the smiles on those kids faces!