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Hi Everyone Smile

This is a robotic arm that i put together, simply using ez-bits. It is primarily designed to feed someone who may not be able to do so for themselves.

The Project can be found on the cloud if anyone wishes to try this for themselves.

Cloud Files

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Probably one of my favorite projects that we've done so far!


can anyone tell me how much this would cost in parts? it seems like a cheaper solution to the expensive ones and better than those 2-3 DOF ones you can find at radioshack and such.

this is pretty rad, btw.


All of the parts are in the store. Looking at it there is
1 Six base and dome - $69
8 extension blocks - $4 each
1 small extension block - $4 each
2 rotation servos - $17 each
3 lever servos - $17 each
1 camera - $59
1 gripper - $22
1 EZ-B - $99
1 Battery - $15


There may be cheaper options by using arms etc. which come as a bundle of a couple of servos and gripper etc.

Awesome use of the EZ-Bits!


for 40 bucks less, this is what you get-
Lynxmotion Arm

and I would rather go for this any day because of the superior customization options on the EZ-B

there are definitely cheaper options, but i still think this would be the best option for a robotic grabber arm (see above)


@Not Sudo... But that would not include the ezb and camera so the Lynxmotion way you would actually be paying about $120 more.... I guess you could use an arduino, but what about the camera?

You above link says the arm is $359 so my math puts it only $26 cheaper... and again that is without the ezb and camera...


@VGosine .... Nice work... You guys need to come out with a Developer's "Super" construction kit... which would have an assortment of ez bits and adapters, more servos and maybe some sort of base (like Six's you are using in the video)....

Oh and maybe you guys should consider selling a larger "quarter scale" servo or stronger regular servos for joints like shoulders and elbow... I know DJ asked before if we "the community" wanted quieter and stronger servos (albeit more expensive). I for one said most definitely, but I know you guys had mentioned it would be either or when it comes to the servos you sell...


Plus if you checked out the bundles in the shop for arms or the scorpion pack etc. you could reduce the cost of the EZ-Bits.

Also, buy it now, save 20% Grin


@richard r

sorry, tired me is a bit of a dunce Grin


Very cool @VGosine

Now I need to order another rotation servo to give my Roli's rear arm a turning wrist. You guys are going to bankrupt me Winky