"affirmative. K-9 2.0, Online And Fully Operational." (well, Almost Fully)



Yeah they are great apps and completely agree with you about adding conversation for great entertainment value. My friends and family love interacting with K-9 this way. I am keeping the first project I made contains the old voice as the pandorabot platform can be a little flakey at times, so this will be a good back up. And if people who know K-9 say "Why has he got a different voice today?", I can say he has got a cold and is feeling a bit "ruff". (Sorry. I couldn't resist). Grin


Thanks for the info Alan. Funnily enough, I did try the pocket mic a while back when I was looking to improve the speech recognition, along with another app called pocket audio, before I bought my headset mic. Although they did work ok I did have a couple of issues. I found that the pocket mic app kept crashing on me (may have done a bug fix in an update by now).

The second thing was that even though the iPhone acted as a very good mic, everything was still parsed through Windows SAPI so recognition was still quite poor. Using the apps I mentioned in my other post, they use the iPhone's on-board speech recognition (which I believe I supplied by Nuance, same people who do Dragon Natual speech) and recognition is so much better than SAPI, and is not limited to a users speech profile. But the pocket mic app is still a viable option for using the speech recognition control in EZ Builder. Smile


Yeah, iPhone recognition is Nuance. I wish Dragon provided a SAPI interface. Back in their early days, they did, but not since version 8 I think.

They are the undisputed leaders in speech recognition. I work with their commercial division for my employer's voice self service, and they do some pretty incredible stuff. When I put out an RFP to upgrade our system, 8 of the 10 companies that responded use Nuance technology in their solution, and we went with Nuance directly because they had the best overall solution.



The Dr. would be proud of your work!
Very cool K-9.



Very kind of you to say. Thank you very much. Smile


Speech recognition adds so much fun to using a robot.
I have my mic on the whole time I am programming or using my robot.


UPDATE 2.0/2

Here's another update explaining what's new with K-9, and I'm pleased to say this update contains a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.


I have added a small script to K-9's steering servo so now when he turns left or right, his head turns in the same direction. This reduces any over-swing when turning and he can also see where he is turning in to now. And it looks good too. Tongue

iPhone Control Update.

In the last update I mentioned that I was using two VCN remote PC apps, at least until the EZ-Builder iOS app is released, to control K-9 but one app didn't have a screen mirror function, and the other didn't have voice recognition. Well I came across another iOS app called iTeleport which, although a bit expensive for an app (£19 GBP), it combines the features of both apps. Now I have an EZ-Builder window with a mobile interface and a Pandorabot control as my main interface. The app uses the iPhone voice recognition extremely well and works great with the Pandorabot control, and changing the settings on my laptop to have the left mouse button engage in single click instead of double click mode, makes using the mobile interface really easy using the iPhone screen. And an added bonus it works over a cellular network as well as WiFi, so I can control K-9 as well as use the EZ-B camera and watch it on my iPhone for home security when I'm out. Below are some screen grabs off my iPhone showing the EZ Builder mobile control.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I'm still waiting for a second video camera to arrive (First one was lost in the mail, apparently), so when it does finally arrive I will put up another video showing the iPhone remote control app in action. But for now, the video below shows K-9 being controlled by a joypad and a headset microphone with a back up speech recognition control, with multiple commands such as,

"Move forwards" "Go forwards"

" Go backwards" "Reverse"

"Go left" "Turn left"

you get the idea.

User-inserted image

My memory isn't what it was (to much beer me thinks Tongue) so I forget commands I've programmed so having multiple commands helps towards better interaction. I put together the video to give you some idea of what my Pandorabot control does.

Voice recognition.

@Mcsdaver mentioned about using voice recognition, and the fact that it adds so much to a robot build, and I whole heartedly agree. As I mentioned in post #18, I am not using a permanent speech recognition control, so I have created a few scripts and inserted the ControlCommand()s for them in to my Pandorabots brain files. Well, after a couple of weeks of using this, I'm pleased to say it works really well and I am having great success with it. As well as having dynamic conversations with K-9 twitching his ears or wagging his tail with responses, he now also tells me live news and weather updates via RSS feeds (thanks to d.cochran, Rich and Richard R for all your help with that Smile), as well as simple commands such as, "Move forward" "Turn Right" "Deploy Torch" ect, just like what the voice recognition control would do, and all of K-9's responses are spoken through the EZ-B breakout speaker.

One thing I will say is that the Pandorabot control can, at times, be a little sluggish due to pandorabots busy servers, so I always keep a joystick, my iPhone or the remote On/Off power fob to hand to take over or kill drive movements that are slow to respond. A good thing about Pandorabots AIML is the use of wild cards ( * ) in the responses which helps with SAPI voice recognition mis hearing words, for example you ask

"Robot. Can you move forwards please?"

and the speech recognition hears

"Rabbit. Can who move forwards please?"

and get the wrong response. Used carefully, as long as you have the key words "move forwards", you can say,

"(Whatever) (whatever) move forwards (whatever)?"

and you will get the correct response, and a useful way around SAPI voice recognition accuracy. Important if you are controlling robot movements using the Pandorabot control with long commands.

From "Robot. Can you get me a beer from the fridge please."

to " * get me a beer * "

User-inserted image

All of my Pandorabots brain files have random responses for every question asked by a user, a lot of work, but it's worth it, as it does give K-9 a very unique personality. So before my other video camera arrives, the video below is a short interview with K-9 using a Pandorabot control with what is mentioned above, along with the headset mic and some ControlCommand() scripts added to K-9's responses. A bit of fun, but a good demonstration.


There are a couple of edits in this video to cut out a couple of long pauses and the occasional speech recognition error, but 95% is as it was filmed.

It's Christmas Grin

And finally, for a bit more fun, here is my entry for "The Holiday Robot Contest". Some of you have already seen it on the contest thread, but for those of you that haven't, here it is. Enjoy Smile.

I started doing his head movements and lights in a long script control, but then decided to use the soundboard editor which was great fun to use. It is K-9's first Christmas so you will see him looking at his little Carol book to remember the words while he sings Tongue. The transporter effect I got from a special effects editor app from the guys at Bad Robot, and I was looking for a reason to use it. And best of all, he left me a lovely Christmas Present too.

That's it for this update. I hope you enjoyed the videos. There are more to come soon.

Steve G. Smile Smile Smile


Steve G,
Just fantastic!
I like how K9 leads with his head direction, many great features.
That is an awesome big K9. I loved seeing him go through the doorways and navigating around.
Thanks for sharing. Christmas video is great.
The side panel screen adds a lot to his look.
Steve S


@Steve S.

Thanks for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the videos.

I must admit the head turning while he steers was an after thought. After the initial test run I wanted to know which way the front wheel was facing and was going to hook up K-9's ear servos to point to the turning direction. But I went with the head idea instead to reduce overswing, and after testing it, it just looked... well, natural (for want of a better word). Smile


He's just too cute!


Smile Smile Thanks @EEGbiofeedback. Glad you like him.