"affirmative. K-9 2.0, Online And Fully Operational." (well, Almost Fully)



Apart from the pulling out of hair, a few drops of spilt blood, and a few swearing sessions when things didn't go quite right, you know what...


So the Rookie did ok then? Im truly pleased you like him and thanks for the congrats. Smile


Dude... I am no one special... I have just been at it longer... To be honest your work on this is way better than anything I have done in the last year or so.... I need to put more effort into my projects, that's for sure.... Smile


Wow @Steve G that is a great build and an inspiration to us all. i have my own K9, that is currently undergoing "glyph" training, mine is only a hacked toy and nowhere near as complex as yours, but we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing :-)



No problem and thanks for the compliments. The glyph recognition you mentioned is actually on one of my to do lists. I've read some of your threads in the forum with intrest. I'd love to see what you have done with your K-9 project. Smile


I will be putting a showcase up, once i have finished the script. I dont have a lot of spare time to spend on him with work and family commitments. Also i am new to programming,but i am making progress all the time so fingers crossed it won't be long now.
Hope to have it sorted for Christmas, as santa is bringing me a RAD robot for my next project Smile



Excellent. I look forward to it. Grin


I love K-9 (who doesn't), but your build is fantastic...


UPDATE 2.0/1


Yeah, there is not many of my family and friends that doesn't like K-9, even the non Dr Who fans. Anyway thanks for the compliments about my lil robotic pooch and I'm glad you like him. Smile

So on with the update. I have started a new EZ-Builder project for K-9 in an attempt to create a little more real estate on my EZ Builder windows, streamline the scripts I have and to add these in to a Pandorabot I have been working on, adding new sound effects, adding the ability to control K-9 with my iPhone, but mainly to give him a new voice. Most of this update revolves around using the Pandorabots interface.

Motor controller.

So after having a few issues with K-9's drive system I have ordered and received a new motor controller. This is a 10 amp controller with a peak rate of 30 amps. It is partially installed but I'm just waiting for the arrival of a 5v regulator which should be with me soon, then it's all systems go.

User-inserted image

Pandorabot control.

I always wanted to use the Pandorabot interface control for my K-9 2.0 project, but I had some difficulty with speech recognition (still needs a lot more PC voice training) but also with the text input field which kept freezing as mentioned in this thread. So I did away with the control and used an iOS Chatbot app with its own voice synthesiser which I mentioned in post #1 and #2. This meant I needed to make a bunch of sound files of phrases he would speak to use with scripts and actions, as using "SayEZB()" would have meant he would have 2 voices.

A few days ago I had another play around with the Pandorabot control and it was working great with no freezing issues. (@DJ Sures. Did you have a little tinker with this? It works beautifully now Smile ). This meant that I could now use the Cepstral voice that I had purchased a while ago for this project, and do away with the voice sample soundboard. I am currently going through my Pandorabots AIML brain files and adding EZ-Scripts to some of the responses, which so far are working great. Now K-9 can use SayEZB() scripts, will have the ability to read RSS feeds and much much more, all using one voice.

Speech recognition.

So, now I'm using the pandorabot control with scripts in the responses, I am doing away with the speech recognition control as I no longer need it. But as I mentioned above speech recognition itself is still an issue. I have a fairly decent laptop and use a pretty good microphone headset, but it still needs a lot of training as accuracy is about 60% compared to my iPhones speech to text which is about 98% accurate. So I looked in to a way to use my iPhone and came up with a solution.

I found two apps in the App Store which are both remote mouse apps to control a PC with an iPhone. Both apps are very good, have quick response times, and have a lot of neat features, but both have one disadvantage each. More on that later. The first app called "remoteMouse" is quite simply a track pad and left/right buttons. It also uses the iPhone keyboard to type directly on to a PC which is done almost instantly. What ever you type shows on the iPhone screen and is instantly sent to the PC. But the added bonus is I can press the microphone key on the keyboard and use the iPhone's speech recognition to speak type directly to a text input field anywhere on the PC. So now all I do is remotely move the pointer on the PC screen to the Pandorabot text input field, and use the iPhone speech recognition to say what I want. Press "return" on the iPhone and the text input is parsed through the pandora control, the bots response comes back, and when the bots response has finished the cursor flashes automatically and I press the mic button again and continue the conversation. Result... 98% speech rec accuracy that anyone can use with minimal use of pressing keys. Open speech rec, send speech rec. Two key presses is all it takes. With this app you can also use any other control on EZ Builder and any other PC function. The first photo below is a screen grab from my iPhone's screen showing the first app in use. Another reason why I am not using a voice recognition control is that you need a text input field for this to work like the pandora control has. As I mentioned before the only disadvantage to this app is that you have to be able to see the PC's screen to see where the mouse pointer is. That's where the other app comes in.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

EZ-Builder mobile for iPhone.

In my first EZ Builder project, controlling K-9 manually was done by a joystick control. In the new project again I'm doing things a little different. The official EZ-Robot mobile iOS application is not available just yet, so in the mean time I have found a temporary solution which uses the second app I mentioned. This one is called "JumiOne" and again has all the bells and whistles to remotely control your PC with an iPhone (or android phone) but with on advantage over the other app. This one actually mirrors your PC screen on to your iPhone screen, meaning everything you see on your PC's screen is also seen on your iPhone screen.

This screen mirror option now has a great use to go with my project. In a separate EZ Builder project window I have created a mobile control for drive and head movements, as well as a few other operations. Now I simply pair my iPhone to my laptop, open my EZ Builder project (remotely or directly), switch to the mobile control window, and now I can control K-9 straight from my iPhone. The pictures below is another iPhone screen grab showing the mobile control. I can also pinch to zoom the iPhone screen to make sections of the mobile control larger if needed. I mentioned that both apps have a down side. With this app, it's the fact that, unlike the "remoteMouse" app, the remote keyboard does not yet support voice recognition as when I tried it, it only recognised the first letter of the first word spoken. It's a real shame actually as that would make this app perfect (at least until EZ mobile iOS is released that is Winky ) as I could use the mobile control and voice recognition for the Pandorabot interface control all from the one app.

User-inserted image

These are not perfect solutions but they do work really well, and I'm so pleased I can use my iPhone's speech recognition with EZ Builder now. (I should mention again that using this option won't work on a voice recognition control as it needs a text input field). So that's it for this update for now. I'm currently waiting on a new video camera to arrive so as soon as it does I will get on with making some more videos for you guys. In the mean time, I hope this update has given you a few ideas for your projects and I just want to say again to everyone who has replied in this thread, thank you for your kind words and compliments.

Steve G. Smile


@Steve G. that's some great app grabbing you've done. I might give this a go on an iPad and the Roomba. Adding conversation to a bot adds a lot to its entertainment and appeal value.


@Steve G,

I haven't tried it yet, and my trial will be on Android not iPhone, but while looking for a wireless microphone, I came across an app called Pocket Microphone available for both iPhone and Android that theoretically would allow you to use EZ-B speech reco and not just PandoraBots.

Vendor is "senstic" if that helps you find it in the app store.