New Front Page


Hey guys check out the new Front page of the website! Our team has been working hard to give it a new look Smile


Nice ! Almost 3D like as you scroll down the page.


Looks good Smile

however I rarely see the front page, my bookmark is set for the forum


I worked hard on that.... thanks guys Smile

Not perfect yet but there will be a time for fixes and tweaks!


WHOA! The bottom is trippy! Grin


I like it. I found myself scrolling up and down at the bottom. Great eye catching effect.


@d.cochran I did that too....a little too much, started to get sea sick *sick*


Looks snazzy


Wow, makes me dizzy. I like dizzy. Winky


@chrissi That's amazing! Maybe I don't surf the net enough but I've never seen anything quite like it. Incredible animation effect. Can I ask how you/what you used as far as coding or whatever, to do that? Or would that be cutting into your bread and butter a little too much?