The Holiday Robot Contest


The World's first holiday robot contest! Submit a photo or video of your robot enjoying the Holiday Season for a chance to win $200.00 in ezrobot credit!

Send your photo, video or YouTube links to: (maximum video length: 60 seconds). The winner will be judged on creativity and originality.

Deadline for entries is Dec. 31st 2014.

Game on folks!



I can't wait to see the creative submissions Smile .

Good Luck Everyone!


Too bad it wasn't announced while there was snow in Ontario!


the video is great.see what i can fix.


Now I need to rent a snow machine!


I'm going to have to go around and get the snow that's left into a pile!


Haha cotton balls work great as fake snow. Winky


Forecast for 6-8 inches of snow tomorrow for me... lol

j Grin


Danget! I'm coming to your place J!


@Technopro you live in Canada! There will be snow again by the New Year!