What Inspired Dj?


We have been working a bit with James Patterson as DJ had mentioned a few days ago! This gave us a chance to get a wicked interview from DJ about what inspired him as a child. Check it out if you have a moment! Props to the amazing Jason Hoehn for his mad media producing skills.

Grin Grin


Awesome, I really enjoyed watching ,, thanks for sharing your story.


I second what Luis said. It was nice to see a little insight of DJ and hearing what inspired him. Talking about his childhood reminded me of my own, taking things apart, making things into something new. Fond memories. Grin


I agree @Steve G, as soon as I saw the finished video I wanted to read Dr. Seuss again! Tongue


Thanks for sharing the video Aislinn! I agree with all of you about similar childhoods - I believe that's why we have collected here Smile

Nerds unite!


Great video ! Cartoons in general were influential in my creativity as a child. They really stimulate a kids imagination. Our imagination in general is our most valuable tool. I also had that urge to take everything apart I owned and I still do! Lol


I had a good laugh when you mentioned taking your toys apart as a kid.
I did the same thing but my mom really wanted to kill me when I took apart
my father's Bulova self winding watch.
I just had to know how that darn thing worked !

Thankfully I did managed to put it back together.