Test With Meter, Amps Is Your Ez Board Using With No Servos Running


Hi I plan to use every servo just about from seperate power supply. So how much does ezb draw just providing signals , video feed and ultrasonic sensor running? Just looking for averages so I can figure if I can go with a smaller battery. Right now I have three 7ah batterys that happily fit inside the torso if omnibot. They are 12v and current plan is to run them through dc to dc regulated adjustable power supplies , one for motors one for servos maybe one for ez board if needed. This is so I can parallel 3 to 4 batteries for long run Times , even better is I could make a sort of backpack for omnibot 2000 to hold 2 to 4 more batteries with only a two wire quick disconnect. the purpose of a backpack batt would be for all day runtime but that's just a future idea at the time gotta get Fred running around first.


It all matters on the type of servo. Our servos (the regular Standard Servos) can draw anywhere between 0.01 amps and 0.5 amps.

The load depends on the load on the servo itself. Servo's are a bit different than a regular motor. Because the servo is attempting to hold position, the polarity switches constantly to hold position. The direction of the polarity is determined by the potentiometer position in respect to the pulse width provided signal from the EZ-B.

You can take averages and try to "guess", but quite honestly it's more work than it is worth. Build the bot, then either probe the current load using a volt mater and one of our Bench Power Supplies, or just throw a big batter on it Grin


As Tim the toolman says "more power " lol yea I may run the board off a seperate 6v battery. But a 12v battery will work fine too right. All of my servos I will draw power direct to battery not the board. Heat wise just providing (but not powering) the servos signal would it be fine at 12v or should I just stay with a 6v battery. Thanks dj


I get sealed rechargable lead acid batteries from a local battery shop. They're cheap, at like $15 for a 6v 5 Amp! They're big, but fit great in a larger robot. Check your area for a battery shop... you'll find a huge supply of neat batteries.

Also, bring the EZ-B and they'll be able to help you with a perfect fit.