Winners Of The 2014 Halloween Spooktacular


Look out Richard, I have big plans... Grin


congrats techno


Congrats to all the winners and everyone who entered the contest.
Captain Ann thanks her little friends, Mini 6 and Lynx EZ Bot.
Special thanks to my wife for being very helpful (operating props/fishing pole, computers, and lights). We had a lot of fun.
EZ Robot is unequaled by any product that I know in robotics!
I love building robots and I truly believe EZ Robot is the best!
Thank You EZ RobotSmile


steve S

congrats too.


These are all so fun! Congrats everyone!


Great job everyone. Next year should be spectacular. We have a whole year to prepare this time.



vindt de snor heel goed,lijkt op inspector pierrot hehe
i like the thing ubove his lip ,looks like inspector pierrot.hehe


Haha thanks for all the awesome feedback guys! That was actually ridiculously fun to you might see a few more. I especially like the video bomb at the end...DJ and Alan's dance moves will never be forgotten. Grin Grin


Also, I cannot WAIT for next year. It's gonna be big I can feel it. Winky


I sure bet it will be a big one! Whats the next contest? Santa Dress up? Winky