Winners Of The 2014 Halloween Spooktacular


This year, we launched the first annual ezrobot Costume Spooktacular contest. With so many impressive entries, it was hard to select a winner. Everyone at ezrobot took place in the voting process - it sure wasn't easy to pick a winner! Well, Drumroll please.....



Dance Aislinn, dance!

Sweet, I loved watching all the videos! Our community is the bestest community ever. Good job everyone! Grin


OMG. Thanks you Aislinn! You should have seen me and wall-e's faces when wall-e popped up! Encore video to come!

Thanks again!


Congrats to all the winner and everyone that entered! Woooohoooooooo


Congrats everyone! What fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this! Feel lucky I didn't have time to enter. Next year I'm taking first place! *cool*


Congratulations everyone! I loved the walle dressed as eve. Super idea worked so well. Also Aislinn Excellent video presentation! Oodles of personality Winky It felt like a TV show for a min there.


@Dave, I couldn't have said it better myself. Especially the last part Winky Bring it on! Grin

Well done to everyone who took part and to those who won some EZ bucks Smile


We'll see @Rich.... Bring it on indeed, LOL.... Next year I will be way more prepared.... You may have to compete against a fully functioning inmoov I am now working on..... Tongue


Great job other winners! Just realized a had been so self centered last night I forgot to congratulate you guys!


@Tech... No worries... enjoy it, you won... Smile But remember, there is next year.... Question is, can you pull off the Gold medal twice.... Tongue