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Ultrasonic Sensor On Adc Ports

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I am trying to get a HC - SR04 Ultrasonic sensor to work off of ADC ports and having a little difficulty. Before I go any further into frustration - can you run this sensor off of ADC ports?

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@Bob... to be honest I don't think it's possible... Not the HC SR04 anyway... These can Maxbotix Range finder , however...


OK that explains it, maybe I'll try the another type I have that I got from Radio Shack. It only has 3 pins so maybe I can hook it up like my PIR to an ADC port.


Here is a ping (that works with the ezb4) that only uses one digital port... Price isn't bad and performance is similar to the SR04... inexpensive ping


@bhouston you'll need to use a digital port for the Parallax PING sensor (the one from Radio Shack) or 2 digital ports for the one from EZ-Robot (the HC-SR04). These are not designed for use on a ADC port.

Are you just experimenting, or have you ran out of digital ports?


@Richard R Thanks, That one is the same as the one from Radio Shack. Your new winnings should help you but some more EZB stuff. Congrats

@JustinRatliff, Yes, I have run out of digital ports. I'll have to get another v4 connected to my project.


@Bob... thanks... LOL... Can you use a sharp IR sensor instead? It uses analog....


Thanks Richard, I'm going to connect a second v4 to my project and that will give me all the digital ports I need. Do you know if there is a tutorial somewhere on running two boards? I've got them both connected but trying to find how to add a servo to the second board.


ping me on skype @bhouston.. I can help with the hook up


In general, your first board is board 0. All controls and script commands go to this board. All controls (except Movement Panel) have the option of selecting another board. Your second would be board 1, 3rd, board 2, etc.

All script commands also have the board number as an optional parameter.