Are Rolis Shipping?


Anyone get a shipping conformation email for Roli yet? Supposedly they started shipping the week before last. I am being patient and this isn't complaining so Rich and Richard I know and understand the process, just a simple question to the community.




I was also wondering (not complaining). It will be one year nov 14 (again, not complaining, but rather very anxious).


Roli's start shipping tomorrow - tracking numbers are already in our mailbox to put into the system Grin


Woohoo! Grin


Yes !


I just realized, the photo in my avatar is really old - I took that in my basement when ezrobot was first launched end of 2011. I don't know what got me thinking of that - maybe the fact that we've come so far in such a short time Smile

Hard to believe that it will be our 3 year anniversary on the 21st (or is it the 28th?)... I forget! I better check...

Yup, just checked - 21st! Roli's for all!

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Wow, so close... how weird would it have been if this was 5 days earlier?


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Or this only 3 days earlier


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However, it is highly likely the 21st was the day I decided on EZ-Robot (I'm going to say it was just because it makes the 21st November more awesomer)


Any news about shipping of JD for orders placed in March 2014. I am not complaining, just asking.



@RoboticMayor... Hmmmm, don't you already have yours? JD's Claw servo