This XL9 Security Droid is a droid that i have been asked to design and build for a XL-Robots client. He owns a Comic Shop in NYC and has seen my LeXI project and wanted to see if i was able to fill his request. He sent me 4 sketches which I used as reference to design the droid below. It will stand from wheel to top of head at 4'10" tall. It will be powered by EZ-Robot. He has 2 EZ-B v3 which he wants the design to work with. Its primary tasks will be to roam the shop, stream video back to the dvr's ( 4 camera system- all 4 cams will be attached to the head which will rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees up and down), look cool for customers but mainly freely roam and record to deter shop lifting. So heres the first run draft of the design concept i presented him with and so far so good. I use the HD-7 arms now on mostly all my new bots because they have been tested and work just as they need to and they reduce production time (retesting new arms takes time).

XL9 Security Droid

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Wow, Nice and very serious looking Bot.


Great job


Heres a breakdown of the parts needed to print and build the XL9.

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How much will it cost me?


Nice design as always.

I was wondering though, are you ever going to have for sale that JD backpack you talked about a while back. Or the 3 finger claw for JD that you also mentioned?


They are not up on the site due to the fact that im not ez-robot. But if you want one of the backpacks they cost $12 plus shipping and the claws are the same.