My Inmoov Running On Ez-robot


@ bhouston , do you mind sharing where you found the lower hip cover and the stand to mount your inmoov?


@merne, I'm not sure what you mean by the "lower hip cover" as for the stand, I made it out of a telescoping light stand and made a plywood base on top of it to mount the robot on.


Late to the compliment party, but really nice work. The movement is super smooth and lifelike. Very nice.



Those modified HS-805BB are great motors for the arms and shoulders... @bhouston... Can your inmoov grasp and lift say a 500ml bottle of water?


On the inmoov site... the owner states that any printer with a print area of 12cm x12cmx12cm will work...

You can control those HS-805BBs without the external pots, but it is not going to give you precise control over the movements... Adding pots to the joints will provide feedback to the ezb as to the position of the particular joint... This is kind of important because without feedback you can easily over extend the joint stripping the gears or breaking the joint itself....


@bhouston. the part under the stomach. The v shape. is that what you made out of plywood for the stand.


@merne, correct.


@ Richard R, I have not picked up a bottle of water but I have seen other InMoov's do that and pour the water into a glass.


@bhouston... Thanks and great work... I have decided to take a stab at this... Just have to wait a week or two to get my printer....