My Inmoov Running On Ez-robot


Over the top! VERY impressive.

Would you share what servos your useing for the shoulder and elbow? Are they able to go any faster or is what you've shown top speed? They sound powerful.


Your project is so impressive!
We are all anxious to learn more details.
If I had a 3D printer, I know what I would be building!
What is the weight of your build?
Steve S


Great Job! Nice to see a v4 in full action...

For person's looking for a great 3D Printer, check this site what this guy does with 3D printing. I have the same printer.



I've followed James' (Xrobots) work for years, in fact his android 12 has been a huge influence in my androids design. However, I still think the inmoov (especially EZ-B powered) is the most impressive robot I've seen


Thanks for all the nice comments.
For more info on this robot check out, all of the information is there, as well as, all of parts downloads and assembly instructions. I have put about 600 hrs on my Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer to print out all of the parts and I have lost track of how many hours I spent building it.
The robot has 11 HS - 805BB servos, these are in the head, neck, shoulders, biceps and torso and there are 13 smaller servos -HS-311 and MG996R - one for the jaw and 6 in each forearm, for the wrists and fingers. It also has one of EZ-Robots cameras in an eye as well as a PIR sensor to detect motion. There are 2 more servos for the eyes but I'll have to install a second v4 to run them.
My goal now is create some interactive scripts for the robot - this may be more challenging than building it - I'm not very good at writing scripts but I will learn.
My other goal, as I have mentioned before is to get the jaw moving with text rather than with sound. A life size humanoid robot, in my opinion, really needs to "talk" properly.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped me out with this project.


@bhouston... I may actually tackle Inmoov one day. First I need a 3d printer. I am actually doing a similar project that you are doing, however not as impressive as your 600hr inmoov bot... Smile Here is the link Fritz Robot Basically I got it because it was cheap and will allow me develop some sophisticated human expression and interaction routines until I can afford to upscale to something like inmoov...


Note what bhouston says... 600 hours printing minimum if everything comes out right the first time... I had many printing issues. There is also a lot of working with parts to make them fit properly and get the gears running correctly.

I met with Gael in September ay Maker Fair in NYC. Great guy. I got actually see his InMoov that he brought from France. This is a great project but take a lot of equipment and when he releases the torso and if I upgrade to V5 board I will have about $2500 invested in the project.

He did have new worm gears on his robot which his is also going to upload. at least 3 times the size in diameter. I may this winter, opt to go for pneumatic pistons instead of some of the worm gears.. still not sure.

Great project, but be sure you want to spend the time and money before starting.


I was just looking at the MakerBot website... Question, is the Makerbot mini too small to effectively produce something like the inmoov project?
I would have no issues with the mechanics, electronics and programing once I have the parts. Where I don't have the experience is in 3d printing...



No it is not too small. I am using Maker Bot Replicator 2 and I think Gael made the parts so you could use a little smaller printer.

Do not try to place too make too many parts at one time. I was getting warping. Also use default settings.

I use PLA Plastic but I believe some have used ABS with better gear results due to a small amount of shrinkage and it makes the gears fit better. I know the PLA is very tough.... but I really do not know what plastic is best. I believe Gael used ABS.


that is a serious funky robot thanks for sharing