Next Week?


I have been waiting since
September 18, 2013 - 7:47:48 AM!

Order is stuck... At
Step 2 of 4) Processing Order Details

roli and batteries

Contact US "says next week..." it has come and gone.

I am tired of everyone saying you know the drill. Would you rather I post on face book?

Or g+...



You have already waited a year on your other orders, so what's your problem with this one? What order are you waiting on?


My guess is a Roli... And if that is the case, dude you know the deal, you've known what's going on for months.

If it isn't a Roli then use the Contact Us page for answers, the forum is for technical assistance, forum members are unable to provide help with order details.


@Rich... I was going to say that everyone of us who pre-ordered (last year) should already know the drill by now....

@jdebay... If it is Roli, there is nothing you can do except either sit tight or cancel your order... Sorry dude...


Yes. Don't share you're unhappiness here. How dare you! This isn't a forum! This is ezbs forum. Only positive comments will be tolerated.


@hoolagen.... It's not that at all.... The point is bitching isn't going to help... nothing we ( the forum) or EZ Robot can do about it.... It's ready when it's ready...


Not sure I understand where your (@Hoolagen) comment is coming from...

The community is unable to provide help on individual orders, the Contact Us page is the place to go for that.


So let the guy Bitch. Who cares. He has a point. And There's really no need to tell him to, "deal, or gtfo"


The community is unable to provide help on individual orders.

@jdebay has been regularly posting for a while now and is very much aware of the situation and the purpose of the community forum. Nobody has just said deal with it or GTFO, it's a case that the community is unable to help with.

Using the Contact Us page will put him directly in contact with EZ-Robot who can advise.


@hoolagen1.... If ez robot and it's forum isn't up to your "snuff", why do you even bother coming here?.... Surely there are other places you can go that would make you much happier.... ?