Running 2 Robots In Client Mode At The Same Time


I have 2 robots and I have each one setup to run in Client mode. When I try to run them both at the same time, I can only connect to one of them.
Is this a router problem, computer problem, ezrobot program problem or something else.


Can you be more specific? Why can you only connect to one of them?

Each EZ-B v4 will have a unique IP Address that your router assigns. There are 5 EZ-B connections possible in the connection control. Use #0 for one EZ-B, and #1 for the second EZ-B. Enter the IP Address of each EZ-B


You have to run one from board 0 and the other from board 1.... As DJ mentioned, they would have 2 different IPs so this should not be a problem....


I start up one robot, in client mode and get it running then I minimize that program. Then I open another instance of EZ-Builder and open the profile for the second robot, It will not connect to the second robot in client mode. Each robot has it's unique IP address in the connection box. Each robot, in it's own profile, is on "# 0 connection".


As DJ said earlier, you use the same EZ instance for both controllers. The first is assigned to Port 0 with its IP address, the second is assigned to Port 1 with another IP address

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At least with the V3, it was possible to run two instances of EZ-Builder on the same machine, both connecting to different boards as board 0. This allowed two robots to both have Movement Panels and both run from one machine.

When my Roli and Dev kit arrive, I will test this out, but I was counting on having this capability with the V4.



We tried to replicate your results with no luck. Can you try connecting to each ez-b separately to make sure they are both working properly. If they are both working properly try again connecting them at the same time. This will help us isolate the problem.


@coryBlair I ran the checks as you said to and I am still not able to connect to them both. I turned on the power to both EZB's at the same and which ever one I "connect" to first will work. I can't "connect" to them both at the same time.


Can you get to the diagnostic page in both of them in a web browser? (I am not sure what that would prove or disprove, but at least provides another data point).



Just to be clear, and I know you stated this, but just checking, they both are in client mode.

When you turn on your ez-b robots, do they say "I am connected to your network"? If so, what are the IP addresses of each of your ez-b's?