Any chance of that happening?

Looks like dependencies on .net are messing up for linux dev.

just wondering if an open source option will be available


It's been mentioned before that open source is not controlled enough, or something like that, so it's highly doubtful that it will be released as open source.


So what you are saying is that linux dev is not catching the .net dependencies correctly. I am not surprised as .net is a windows platform and the use of it in Linux isnt supported. I am a linux fan also, but it is a linux issue and not a .net or EZ-Builder issue.

I doubt that DJ would want to give away this piece of the company. EZ-Builder and the EZ-B are both the key to making EZ-Robot what it is. I am sure that he wants to keep a tight grip on those two components. I know I would..


i understand. just would be easier to disable certain libraries that don't come with mono/iron python.

currently import of ezbdll crashes on SYS.speech from .net, once we get passed that, we can see what other dependencies are lacking.

Not sure what else. Ill be importing dlls from a 32bit Windows box, if that doesn't work we will be writing it from scratch like openbot.


Would it help if I created a speech library stub for you?


It might help, but it might not be the only problem


@dj-sures ,

can you please run through this lists', Right column and see what other things are not supported



Try this: Mono-Release.zip



No errors!

haven't run on beagle, but it looks for coms and runs with no errors.
I will keep you posted on the development.


And?...... The world is waiting Smile