Separate Power For Hd Servos


I have several HD servos to operate so I need external power supply. As I am inpatient to wait for ez bits, how do I go about supplying external power for these servos? I am okay with modifying the EZ-B v.3, I just don't know what I need to do. Help, anyone?

I have them attached in the smaller block of DIOs and was wondering if it was possible to only alter these, or if the alteration affected all DIOs?


hd servos? whats that stand for? have any specs on them bret? I beleive dj was explaining in another discussion about modifying the cable, only using the signal wire from servo and power the servo direct from nother power source instead of the ez board.


Heavy Duty = High Torque. 208in/oz of torque. I have them in my omnibot's shoulders and elbow. So just use the white wire off the ez-b (signal) and tie my GND and +V direct to the battery? Or use the signal and GND from the EZ-B and tie the +V to the battery?


White wire off EZ-B, GND and +V to battery ought to do it.


Don't give any more than 6 volts to a servo though. You can burn it out pretty quick if it's greater than 6 volts


if you are using a larger that 6 v battery brett get a dc to dc regulated power supply. that way you can drop it from your current voltage down to usable voltage for the servos. I must do this too because im using 12v batteries as it is


I plan on using the 6V battery original to Omnibot. There is a source for like 13 dollars (not the rediculous 50 bucks I have seen on ebay). I just need to do a litlle re-wiring on my kill switch to power the servos up as well.


ive been been debating over using a 6v battery but recharging i would like to use the factory dc jack on the back


I hooked up my High Torque servos as described above and they work brilliantly. Better in fact than my mini servos using the 3 pin connection on the board.


Bret did you need to ground the EZ-B to battery - ? Or did it work fine without it ? Just curious because I may be using some high torque servos also. thanks J.W. Smile