Ez-b Keeps Disconnecting


So I finally got around to testing out my EZ-B. I have all my stuff plugged in, and as soon as I power it on, several of the items connected to it start running - without any controls associated. It connects up just fine but a soon as I attempt any control it disconnects. My thoughts are that because a couple of things are already running, as soon as I try to do anything else it is browning out. I am using the battery pack that came with it.

Thought: Should I disconnect all peripherals then power it up and slowly add items and test their control that way? Also, what would be an optimal battery pack to work with?


what battery pack are you using , are you only using the parts that came with the kit? try hooking up only the board without any servos connected. sync your computers bluetooth first , once your connected disconnect power to board then connect your servos. many servo controllers ive seen in the past calibrate zero position when it powers on. maybe the servos that were moving were the modified ones?


Make sure you have the cables plugged in correctly.
GND => Brown/Black
5+ => Red
EXT => Orange/White
if the cable is backwards the signal line will be tied low and when your trying to control them you would actually be changing the pwm on the GND line which could be causing the brown out
Servos will move a bit initially when the power is connected
I would always try connecting first before attaching devices


true , a misplaced ground will always do it but i kinda assumed bret would check it , he sounds savy ??


Items coming on at power up: el wire, cooling fan, secondary circuit flashing random leds. All of these are two wire devices (+5V and GND) Servos are all std movement and do the little jitter on initial power up, but nothing more. I have applied set controls to the el wire, cooling fan, and secondary circuit but they do not respond. I will re-check the ground but am sure that is correct. Thanks for your help.


@bret.tallent you can not power el wire or a cooling fan from the Signal Pin of the EZ-B. There is a section in the technical manual that explains it Click To Read

The EZ-B Signal Pin is signal, not power. It's used to "talk" to other devices. If you wish to control the power from a signal pin, you'll need to connect a switching transistor to the pin.

But, you have also given me a good EZ-Bit idea. I'm sending the first batch of EZ-Bit files off to the printer this week. I think we'll see the launch sometime next week or the week after, depends on the printing speed.


Thanks DJ. I am using the GND and +5V connections. The fan is a mini 5V fan and the the el wire is run through an inverter that normally uses USB power from a computer. So I was only looking at providing these two the 5 volts. Does this not work? Is the only way to provide 5v to peripherals through a switching transistor? What transistor would I need to use and how would I hook it up? Thank you.


@bret.tallent yeah that will work. I misunderstood and though you were powering from the Signal I/O line. If you are powering the units off the I/O it should be fine, but you may run out of current... depends how many devices you have hooked up.

Are you using the stock battery pack? If so, you will most likely need to upgrade to a battery source with more juice.


Okay, I will upgrade the battery pack. But I also have some HD servos that will need to have alternate power. Still haven't figured that one out yet. Is there a way to modify just the group of I/Os from 15 to 20 on the V.3 board with alternate power?


@Bret.Tallent I would not consider modifying the board. If you make a mistake, it's ruined. That'd be a pricey mistake Smile

The additional power module should be available in a week