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Sound Servo Error

Assistance Requested

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bhouston claims to have checked these sources:

I continue to get a Sound Servo error. I have been unable to solve this problem on a project I have been working on, so I started a whole new project to try to trouble shoot it further.

In this new project I only have 3 servo's connected; 1 for Pan; 1 for Tilt; and one for the sound servo.
When I run scripts involving these 3 Servos I get no error messages. When I add a camera to the project I get the error message below;

10/17/2014 9:04 AM - Welcome to EZ-B v4 Beta!
10/17/2014 9:04 AM - EZ-B v4 ID: 44-54-0-0-47-255-59-58-62-37-38-38
10/17/2014 9:04 AM - Connected
10/17/2014 9:04 AM - Setting battery monitor voltage: 6.0
10/17/2014 9:04 AM - Setting battery protection: True
10/17/2014 9:04 AM - Setting i2c rate: 100000
10/17/2014 9:06 AM - Sound Servo Error: Object is currently in use elsewhere.
10/17/2014 9:06 AM - Sound Servo Error: Object is currently in use elsewhere.

I has tried the EZ-Robot camera and a Microsoft camera and I get the error message with both.

In another project I am running the Ez-Robot camera and no Sound Servo and I do not get the error message.

So that's telling me that this error is somehow related to the use of a camera in a project with a sound sound servo . Doesn't make any sense to me.

Any thoughts - starting to drive me nuts!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The sound card driver on your pc is not allowing two controls access of it at the same time. It is conflicting with another sound input device - most likely speech recognition.

I appologiZe on behalf of Microsoft for their generic error message


Thanks DJ, I disabled my Microphone and deleted the voice recognition from my project and seems to have solved the problem. So in short then I need to decided what is more important to have - the Sound servo so the mouth of my robot will move OR voice recognition to give it voice commands. Is that the way you see it or is there a way to have both and no error messages?


Instead of removing voice rec, did you try and pause it first and see if sound servo works without the error? Then pause sound servo when using voice rec.... worth a try....


Good Idea Richard, I tried that and it seems to work. But I still have to decide between the 2 controls, not exactly what I'm looking for, but now I understand why I'm getting the error message.
I am hoping someday Ez-Robot will have Text to Speech capability so then the Sound Servo won't be needed.

Thanks again for your help


@bhouston... No problem... Remember the awesome thing about programing is there is always plan B.... Winky There is always another way to do something.... That's what makes programing so compelling to some... It's so creative, almost like a form of art....


You can also check to see if there is a windows update for your computer. It might update the drivers (if available)


as far as text to speech, EZ-Builder has it. You would just read a file into a variable and then say that variable. Later today I will dig for an example.


@ DJ, I'll look to see if an upgrade is available.
@ d. cochran - I would be very interested what you dig up.

I'll mark this as resolved - Thanks you everyone for your help.



$rsstext = filereadline("C:\somedirectory\somefile.txt")
$rsstext = ""

you would just need your process to write the text to speek to C:\somedirectory\somefile.txt

Sorry, im at work and dont have much time, but I do this after I parse RSS feeds to clean up a lot of the garbage characters that in RSS feeds.

you can also use the sayEZB command instead of the say command above.