Recorder Questions


I just love recorder. When I open the requester to save...where does the file go? How can I call it up again or trigger it? How about a loop function or a ping pong option?! DJ...please?


Sorry, I don't understand anything you wrote Smile What recorder? What save? Ping Pong?


Lol. Your recorder in EZB.


I was able to accomplish some pretty cool things with it tonight. But, when it says 'save' and you add a name, where is it saved? Can it be called by a script etc. Then it would be cool to be able to add controls to have it loop, or to ping pong the animation forward then backwards, for any number of times..maybe random?


I believe that's now called the microphone control in the latest versions of EZ-Builder. You can now you can export your recordings to a Sound Board control within EZ-Builder.

I'm also unsure of what you mean by ping pong function, is that like playing your recording alternating backward and forward?

Edit: oops my bad, i found the recorder control


Ah, the name is the name of the control. the SAVE button is used everywhere when editing settings of a control. You can edit a control by pressing the GEAR icon on every control. When you press the GEAR icon, a dialog is displayed with settings for that control.

The NAME of the control is the name given to the control. If you use the ControlCommand(), you can specify the NAME. There are ControlCommand()s available for the Recorder. You will have to look in the Cheat Sheet tab for that.

There is a tutorial on how to use the script editor and Cheat Sheet tab. Here is the direct link:


Ok so the "name" is to give it a name so you can call it up. Got it. Save...doh. Think on that random or forward/backwards on the recorded motions ver very powerful.


Yeah, what @DJ said Tongue


we do love it.