Order Shipment



What are the 4 steps of the 'processing order'.



1. We have received your order
2. We have deemed that it is not fraudulent
3. Information is passed on to our distributor
4. It's on its way!


Question how long does it usually take to go from 2 to 3 on a developers kit? Mine is been on 2 for almost 3 months your site says pre order ships in one month


Preorders have been shipping for a couple of months now however it depends what was in the order as some items were taking longer to source.

If it's just the developers kit you should probably have had it shipped by now, if it isn't then contact EZ-Robot using the Contact Us page.

If there are any other items in the order along with the developer kit (i.e. batteries, chargers, servos etc) this may be what is delaying the order.

In either case, use the Contact Us form for a quicker, more accurate answer than the forum will give.


I should have elaborated more, step 2 is a check for fraud, but also making sure that we have the necessary product on hand and all the information we need to ship. We are still fulfilling our backlog at the moment and polishing up all the steps. Some of our team is travelling to China at the end of the week to check on things over there. Every day we move closer to ironing out all the wrinkles!


I ordered mine in July and just received an email that I'm in Step 4) Shipped!
That's a pretty fast turnaround considering their backlog.

Thanks EZ! Grin


@TNMike... if you don't mind me asking, what did your order?


Just the developer kit.


Dang.....it seems Roli is proving to be one elusive critter in the wild.


Just a clarification - step 3 may not always be active right now, so you'll often see orders move straight from step 2 to step 4 for the moment. Step 3 means that the manufacturers are packing up your order and getting it ready for shipment, but our manufacturers don't yet have access to this system.

Very soon you'll see step 3 being used. We're in the process of changing how orders get from our system to your hands. Our system will be more efficient, so we can handle the higher volume of orders that we're experiencing and anticipate in the future.