Ez-b V4 Mac Address


does anyone know how to find the MAC address of the EZ-B V4?

Someone is hijacking Nomads network so I am implementing MAC filtering. If I could get the device on the network, I would be able to see the MAC, but as soon as I unlock MAC filtering, the AP gets compromised.

Please let me know if there is any way to find the MAC address while in AP mode on the EZ-B V4.



The router should show all devices connected to his router - usually dhcp client view

If he has a password on the connection, they can't hijack it


He does have a password and it has been changed a couple of times and it gets hijacked in a couple of minutes after changing the password.

Dhcp isn't assigned from this ap and he doesn't have rights to the router to see the dhcp attached devices.

Is there something that will display the mac or is it printed on the wifi radio in the device?


d.cochran... I am no network guy, so forgive my ignorance... But how are the hijackers getting around (or getting) the password?...


there are plenty of programs that will brute force a password.


One thing you can try is to unplug the router from the internet completely remove the routers antenna and then hard wire the pc to the router to log into it and change its settings with out some one cracking it rite away


trying to figure out how I am going to do this but will figure it out. logs will be my friend probably.

I stepped away from some lunch. I left the connection up and locked down so hopefully the guy has moved on to a different target and I can get the MAC addresses and get them assigned. Nomad has some neighbors who are not very nice at all when it comes to Wifi.

I will update when there is a solution. I had hoped to have JD configured by now but we haven't even started on that part yet.


Wolfe, we have been configuring the router with it wired directly to the laptop. as soon as I put it on the network, the attacks begin. all good. I will figure something out.

I will probably do this again and enable DHCP on the router, which will allow the ezb to connect to the ap, but not the network, and then I will be able to get the mac from there.


If it was me, I would see if you can get there IPs and report it. but with software today, they probably have a server setup to change there ips.

Ahhhh... the trouble of todays technology.


Even with there ips there is nothing that can be done about it the law has no say as it is completely legal if it is not a government computer Frown

I looked into that a few years ago to see what the laws about using some ones wifi with out them knowing