I was just watching this video for the Plexi-Drone. A snap kit Drone with awesome features like follow me gps tracking and swarm capabilities. Was wondering of DJ has a Drone design utilizing the ez-bit tech on the back burner. The drone im designing for XLRobots is not a small drone by any means so snapping together wont be in my future but i can see it being a big seller for the EZ-crew.


Now there's an offering that has some practical applications.


I had this idea a while ago. I was going to make it a challenge to the ez-robot team. Winky


The AR Parrot Drone is a flying quadcopter that can be controlled by our EZ-Builder Software.


Yes... but the AR drone is limited to camera operations and has a MAX of 10 minutes flight time. I got rid of mine cause 1hr and 30minutes charging for 5 minutes of flight was just dumb. Hope to invest on the XL robots drone!


Here's a scenario that I'd like to be able to do:

Control a drone from a far remote location. Example: I have a house 400 miles away with some acreage. A storm hit, and I've no way to check the roads to see if trees are down. From my remote location, I'd log onto a computer at my house; I'd load the control software, it would wake the drone and I could have an aerial view.

The biggest problems I see are the lag time between my local computer and the remote, and recharging the drone.

I have an AR drone I could use as a guinea pig; does anyone know if I could set up a distant connection?



@Warpig... The biggest problem if nobody is at that house to physically launch the drone is how is it going to be ready to fly when you want it to by itself?... It will have to be connected to a power supply constantly in order to keep the batteries charged.... You would have to have some sort of docking station as it is highly unlikely the drone could unplug itself... And even then, how would in land back on the docking station after a flight... Also it would have to be outside or in a open type shelter... Either way it will be exposed or partially exposed to the elements.... Finally li-ions and lipos don't like to be cold... I don't think what you want is very feasible without somebody on the other end physically handling the launching responsibility.... Some serious technical and engineering hurdles to over come...


Keeping the batteries warm could be a problem. The "hanger" would be in a protected spot, with a servo-activated door. A charger could be made so the drone could charge while it was on the "landing pad", but someone *would* need to re-set the drone on its charger after a flight.

The intention would be to make an inspection flight after a storm, to determine if someone needed to get to the property right away or not to secure the area.


Although way less cool... wouldn't it be easier to locate a few 360 remote controlled all weather cameras in a few strategic spots.... On top of the house or barn seems like a good place to put one...


Although I see a lot of the same issues that others do, it is possible to set up an AR-Drone for distance connection. Although it defaults to AP mode like the EZ-B (in fact, with the same IP address, it can be set to connect to a router or AP and get a different IP address. However, it can't do any kind of security, so you need to connect it to an open network.

If this location is in the "boonies" that may be OK, then it is just a matter of setting up port forwarding in the router. On the other hand, if you are worried about others using your internet connection and want security, there would be some extra steps involved (2 routers, port forwarding, MAC restrictions, etc)...