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Sabertooth 2 X 25 Question

Assistance Requested

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does the sabertooth 2x25 have a reset or internal fuse? was setting it up last night and all was fine. it was working then just stopped. power was feeding thru t the ezb but the light on the sabertooth was off. really puzzling.

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I am sure Dimension Engineering's website would have a detailed spec sheet...

I would first check and see if it is getting power... check the wiring hasn't pulled loose or any battery issues....


I had one that also stopped working. I think we still have it lying around somewhere. I didn't look into it much, but I believe ours broke.


@DJ Sures thanks for the help. Question if i don't want to use a sabertooth and only want 6 volts 9 amps to run the wheel chair motors( too strong for the arms) is there an alternative?


Parallax HB25 would be a good fit, and easy to use (looks like a Modified Servo to the EZB). You would need two of them for two motors.

Sabertooth has smaller H-bridges that would meet your needs. a 2x12 would be fine.

Roboclaw makes high amp H-bridges that take the exact same serial commands as the Sabertooth, but have the Kangaroo functionality built in and are competitively priced.



@thetechguru could you elaborate on the Kangaroo functionality. I bought 2 of the Kangaroo's a while back but found out they dont work with the ezb. So are you saying the Roboclaw HB's will have them so i can control the motors like a servo?


Well, there is this: click


The kangaroo DOES work with the ezb4... However, it needs to be used with a sabertooth 2 x 12 or above motor controller... It's not for the faint on heart there is a steep leaning curve... Tony (Toymaker) is one of few who conquered the Kangaroo... Dave (B9 Dave) is also is familiar with the use of the Kangaroo... I am making some headway with it as we speak...

Yourself, not being a programmer and I mean no offence, might find it seriously challenging to say the least... Not saying you couldn't learn, though...


@Richard R No offense taking. I hate code, for me its boring and i loose interest quickly. Thats why im using EZ-Robot in the first place. Remove all the coding and get right into the design and building. @DJ Sures that link to the speed controller, will that work with the sabertooth? I have a 2 x 12 for the arms i was just lazy and used the 2 x 25 for the drive train because the 2x12 was already packed away. So if the speed controller DJ suggested works with the EZB and the Sabertooth for servo control of the motors then that's what ill do. By the way anyone looking for 2 x kangaroo's mint in box? wont have use for them now.


@Anthony.... Ha, Ha... You might find code boring, but if you don't learn to code half decently well all your projects are basically going to be just big fancy plastic paperweights.... Yes, advanced coding isn't necessary with ez builder, but knowing how can make a huge difference in the out come and quality of a project...

You can't use just a sabertooth for servo type control... For position feedback with a sabertooth you will need to use a kangaroo... A motor with an encoder would help as well...